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Android app reviews that explore the latest and greatest in mobile social networking are all about audio. Forget typing every word you want to say. Even with a SWYPE keyboard, saying something takes less time than typing it. Social networking app for Android released May 23, 2011 at TechCrunch Disrupt in NYC, promising users a Chat Roulette type experience on the phone, minus the creepy videos. app review


I delved into my Android Apps Review process by trying out’s chat feature, aptly called “chat.” In the “chat parlor” users select from one of six topics, tap on the little green telephone to the right of the one that tickles their fancy, and receives a prompt to place a call to the topic’s phone number, and are placed in a queue to wait their turn. Like listening to cheesy background music and super loud advertisements? Then’s “chat parlor” may be right up your alley. I waited 20 minutes to be connected to a person in two different topics and got nada. A polite guide advised me if I ever did get someone on the line and found their conversation repellent, I could simply press the “#” sign to move on.

I’m not sure if the issue was a lack of users or if the system didn’t route me correctly. The chats claimed to have between 11 and 19 users in them, but I never found a soul.’s conference call feature, however, rocks. Tap the globe icon to launch your phone book. A list of your Android’s contacts is instantly populated. allows users to place conference calls to up to 20 numbers at once. That is epic. Conference call invitees receive a text message with a web link to connect them to your conference. The call quality is a little fuzzy, but what do you expect from VoIP? Business people or even just casual clubs and organizations could really benefit from’s conference call abilities.

Other miscellaneous features include a journal area, which honestly makes no sense to me and did not function properly, a search function that never gave me any results, and a profile you may populate with all kinds of personal information, or none. Your choice. How many stars is one great feature worth?
 app review




There are definitely some new app kinks to be worked out of Upon further research, I found out the developer was still working on the search functionality. The app gave me a force close error once or twice, but nothing major. Searching for contacts and sending invitations to conference calls was painless. The interface of for Android is colorful and easy to use. Now if only the features worked.

Value Android app is free. Free is good. In the future, developers plan on using the Android app to promote special fan content from celebrities. When this starts happening, might be worth giving another shot. I was sadly disappointed with’s launch day failures, but am sure this app will get shinier over time. Great concept, poor execution, for now.

Android Apps Review Details: Android App is Free. This app requires Android 1.5 and up. You may download from the Android Market.

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