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RPG Meets Casual Gaming with Lord Of Magic for Android TRIAL

RPG Meets Casual Gaming with Lord Of Magic for Android

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Android apps and Role playing games go hand in hand. In fact, there role playing games have always been intensely popular in the gaming world, even before video games were prevalent. But in today’s rushed society, who has time to invest hours in leveling a character and increasing skills? Well now you can play an RPG on a more casual basis with a recently released Android app – Lord of Magic. Let’s investigate further with my in-depth Android app review.


Every RPG, at bare minimum, must use mana, hp (hitpoints), use magic spells (thus the need for mana) and be able to upgrade those spells. Lord of Magic has all these elements. It boasts 23 spells and abilities in three magic and one ability schools. The ability school is essentially your passive skills and I found it wise to begin upgrading these early on. The game allows the player to advance into different regions and displays a fairly impressive map to show this. There are 19 levels in three different locations. And to add a bit of difficulty, there are 12 hard monsters (basically, elites) possessing three power levels and special abilities.

Lord of Magic

Lord of Magic utilizes an increasingly popular theme – protect your base from invading monsters. Here your base is your tower (or towers in later levels). Basically, when your towers fall, you fall. Defense is handled by a shiny ethereal-like bar at the bottom of the screen between two glowing swords. There are small golden orbs floating around inside, which are what get shot when you ‘cast’ a spell. But be careful! Every time you cast a spell, you lose one of these orbs. So unlike other games in this class, you can’t just shoot as fast as your finger will move.

There are two ways to refill the lower bar:

  1. Wait it out. After a set amount of time, one more orb will appear. However, this takes a while and in the meantime your enemy is advancing. Therefore, it is best to use your shots wisely!
  2. Kill something! Every time a monster dies, its life force is sucked down into the bar and multiple orbs are generated. But don’t get wasteful! Harder monsters (especially elites) will take a lot of firing power, so best to save them up and preserve them as much as possible. Accuracy is a must!

There are three magic schools to use: Fire, Ice and Death. Most interesting here is the death school. It is your mass damage tool and essentially turns you into a necromancer. It allows you to create Lich’s – little monsters of your own – to help destroy the enemy. In the higher levels, this skill gets pretty ominous and deadly. This puts yet another unique twist on the game. We are all familiar with fire and ice spells, but not many games include necromancer skills. In fact, many major RPG’s have eliminated the necromancer class from their game entirely. Personally, I have always enjoyed raising the dead to become my minion. It’s Karma at its finest. I award five stars for gameplay.



Lord of Magic utilizes HD graphics and therefore, you need a fairly decent phone to play it. It played just fine on my Motorola Droid, so no complaints here! The animation and edges are smooth, the colors are fantastic and the scenes are 3D. Even the world map is impressive. The glow effects on the lower bar are a nice touch and help enhance the magical feel of the game.  I really have nothing bad to say about the visual appeal of the game, so Lord of Magic gets five stars for graphics.


There is a free trial edition as well as a paid version. I would recommend trying the free Android app version first and, if you like it, upgrading to the paid version. The cost is just $2.42 which is on par for games such as this. It appears there will also be  game modes coming soon, according to the Android Marketplace. For the ability to quickly play an RPG style game and for not
making it cheesy, I award five stars for value.

Android Apps Review Details: Lord of Magic Android app is free. This app requires Android 1.6 and up. You may download Lord of Magic from the Android Market.

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