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Keep Track of Your Spending with Easy Envelope Budget Aid Free

Keep Track of Your Spending with Easy Envelope Budget Aid

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Can an Android app help you maintain a budget? My Android app review will explore Easy Envelop, a budget and spending management Android app.

How many times have you reached the end of the week or month only to look back and wonder where in the world your money has gone t0?  You have nothing really to show for it, but it is definitely gone and now its time to pay the bills with money that you no longer have!  This, my friends, is reality.  Keeping track of a weekly, or monthly, budget is not easy, but did you ever think that you could find financial guidance on your Android device?

Me either!

That is until I heard about the Easy Envelope Budget Aid Android app.  This new Android app is based on keeping a cash budget.  The idea is that if you input every purchase, you will always know how much money you have, how much you have spent and exactly where your money is going.  That’s a lot for one Android app!  Let’s go see how it works.

Easy Envelope Budget Aid


When you first load Easy Envelope Budget Aid onto your Android device, you will be prompted to set up a budget.  Each portion of the budget is given its own envelope into which you assign a specific amount of money.

For my own budget the categories went something like this:

  • Groceries
  • Kids
  • Spending Money – Me
  • Spending Money – Husband

You get the picture.

Once you have your “envelopes” all set up, you then record each purchase into the Easy Envelope Budget Aid Android App.  The app keeps track of what you have spent in each category and lets you know if you need to cut back.  Basically a green line is good, that means you are on track, while red means that you have over spent.


In terms of functionality, this Android app worked great.  It loaded without a problem and was easy to work through.  If you have never worked with a budget or with this kind of system, then it may take some getting use to.  But, those of you who are familiar with the whole cash envelope philosophy will have no problem working with this Android app.

Easy Envelope Budget Aid

Here is one of my favorite parts of Easy Envelope Budget Aid…the graphs.  The Easy Envelope Budget Aid Android App has the ability to create highly comprehensive graphs that outline your overall spending habits.  Use this helpful too to get a visual aid that shows you exactly where your money goes.  Also, once you set up your budget Easy Envelope Budget Aid automatically syncs to up to 2 phones.  Meaning that you and your spouse or partner always know exactly what the other has spent.  In real time!

Overall?  It’s a great tool, and one that I plan on using long after this review has come and gone.


Value?  Not even a question!  This is a free Android app that is not add supported.  Also, keep in mind that we have only touched on the basics of what this Android app can do.  There are so many features here that it would be impossible to do them all justice in the space of a single review.  Easy Envelope Budget Aid offers bill pay reminders, bank balance tracking, statement import and you can even upgrade your account to use their full website. There is a charge to upgrade your account, but it falls in the $3 to $8 a month range.  Some may find that this is the way that they want to go, but for me, the free Android app works just fine!

Android Apps Review Details: Easy Envelope Budget Aid Android app is free. This app requires Android 1.5 and up. You may download Easy Envelope Budget Aid from the Android Market.

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