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Find that Perfect Paint with Android and Sherwin Williams ColorSnap Free

Find that Perfect Paint with Android and Sherwin Williams ColorSnap

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This is one feature packed Android app that is designed to take the guess work out of picking paint colors once and for all.  By using the camera on your Android device you can color match just about anything.  But how accurate is it?  Read my Android app review to find out.

Color Snap


Here’s how it works.  First, start with a picture.  Any picture will do, but find a picture that has all the colors you want to incorporate into your room.  From there, you can use the Android app to create a custom palette, ask for color recommendations or even search for specific Sherwin Williams Colors by name.  Then, once you’re happy with your choices, you can save them to your Android device or share them with others via either Facebook or email.

For me, I love how easy this Android app is to use.  The layout is simple and straightforward while still offering tons of useful features at the touch of a button.  Plus, ColorSnap may be dedicated to Sherwin Williams colors, but it is perfect for creating that perfect palette no matter what brand of paint you end up working with.


One thing that stood out to me in terms of functionality was that ColorSnap provides a very detailed list as to what Android devices currently work with the app.  This is great as users have the ability to check the list and make sure that their device is included before taking the time to install.

Secondly this Android app is only as good as the hardware on your Android device.  If your camera is poor, then the color match is not going to be as good as it might be otherwise.

Color Snap

The ColorSnap Android app did freeze twice during the review process, but other than that seemed to work well.  If the freezing issue is dealt with then ColorSnap would earn the full five stars in this catergory.

Color Savvyness

How close were the color matches?  Well, they were just slightly better than okay.  The colors did not come through perfectly enough for me to be willing to buy paint without first bringing home actual swatches.  BUT!  What it did very well was create palettes and give me a great place to start.  With Android in hand I was able to walk into the store, talk to a salesman and find my swatches in record time.  In short, while the color may not have been perfect, the Android app did do quite a bit to shorten the buying process as a whole.

Android Apps Review Details: Color Snap Android App is free. This app requires Android 1.6 and up. You may download Color Snap from the Android Market.

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