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Proceed with Caution: Doodle Grub Considered Very Addictive Free

Proceed with Caution: Doodle Grub Considered Very Addictive

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If I could have all the hours of my life back that I spent playing Snake, I wonder what I would do with them? Probably play Doodle Grub, an Android app from Pixowl inspired by that classic of classics, Snake, but with a few modern twists.


I quickly found some differences between this Snake-inspired Android app and the original during my Android app review. But I’m still digging on Doodle Grub. Here’s why.

Doodle Grub app review

Doodle Grub

Doodle Grub is controlled by your Android’s accelerometer, so there is a whole new bag of tricks. The idea is to grow your Doodle Grub by consuming healthy apples and avoid hitting any of the big ole baddies with Doodle Grub’s head. That’s it.

You’ll notice a few game changers. Doodle Grub is not trying to avoid his own tail during this game. Doubling back and scooting around opens up a whole new plane of gameplay in Doodle Grub. Also, there are tricky rotten apples that can appear on the board. You can eat them, but your score will suffer. Leave them for the bad guys.

Speak of the bad guys, there’s a trick to getting rid of them and clearing up your board. Chow down on a handy lady bug when it visits the board and go give those baddies some trouble. There are not any levels, as far as I could tell and I played this game for quite a while. It does interface with Open Feint for stat tracking, news and leader boards. All in all, this game is fun, deceptively simplistic and a tickles my nostalgic funny bone.

User Interface

Doodle Grub app review

Doodle Grub

All accelerometer-driven games are not created equal, but I am happy to report Doodle Grub Android app is really spot on. You can’t even start this game unless you are holding the phone level (took me a minute to figure that one out!). On the game board, Doodle Grub is extremely responsive and fast. Real time response makes this game easy to use and even more fun. If you feel like Doodle Grub is going too slow, or too fast, simply access the settings to adjust the game’s sensitivity and you’ll be set. Factor in charming graphics and an adorable hero you can really pull for, and you’ve got a slam dunk app.


Doodle Grub Android app is a lot of fun as-is, especially sporting my favorite price tag of FREE. However future improvements are already lined up to make this app even better, such as introducing additional themes. Addictive game play, an easy to handle user interface and a price tag that simply screams “Download me!!!!” make Doodle Grub Android app a blast.

Doodle Grub QR Code

Doodle Grub


Android Apps Review Details: Doodle Grub Android App is free. This app requires Android 1.6 and up. You may download Doodle Grub from the Android Market. The developer paid a nominal fee to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Nice to know that future improvements are in place. Got to agree with you though that for its price now, this app is worth getting.

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