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How Can I Get Thrutu Your Android? Free

How Can I Get Thrutu Your Android?

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Remember pagers?  Yep…long before any of us ever dreamed of the first Android device, there were pagers.  Then came the giant Zach Morris cell phones which moved into flip phones and then slowly evolved into the sleek little Android numbers that we know and love today.

But what is the next evolution? Read my Android app review to find out!

While none of us may have the perfect answer to that question, I think that the new Android app Thrutu is giving us a peek at what may be right around the corner.  See Thrutu takes your standard phone call and amps it up about 6 notches.  Want to share a pic? No problem.  How about real time mapping that plots both you and the person you are talking to?  Right at your fingertips!

Interested yet?  Let’s go see what else this very intriguing Android app has up its sleeve.



Thrutu is basically an interface.  One that puts fun and unique functions at your fingertips… call!  See that’s the unique part.  With Thrutu you don’t have to go searching for the command you want while trying carry on an intelligent conversation.  Instead you have 6 basic commands ready and waiting right on your screen whenever you say hello.

Standard Thrutu commands:

  • Location – See each others positions on a live map
  • Camera – Snap and send pics in call
  • Doodle – Sketch out a quick drawing and send it through
  • Gallery – Send a pic from your Gallery
  • Contacts – Share contact info from your address book
  • Prod – Poke at the person you are talking to and their phone will vibrate!  (So Fun!)

These are the basics….but this is also only just the beginning.  Thrutu also allows you to install extra buttons to your menu so you have the ability to completely customize the Android app to meet your needs.

Here’s what I love.  I love what you can do with this Android app.  I love the idea that I can share data or fun bits without searching through my phone and stumbling through menus while I try to figure out what works and what doesn’t while still trying to keep up a conversation.  I love that I can add buttons that work for me and I love that new choices are being added all the time.  Basically I love the concept of this Android app.

Want to know what I don’t love?  Check out functionality.



This is always the kicker.  You can have the best Android app concept in the world, but if it doesn’t work….it doesn’t work!

Here’s the problem.  It’s not that the Thrutu Android app doesn’t work.  Quite the opposite in fact, the app works great.  It’s just that it won’t work for everyone.

Here’s what you have to look for.

In order to get Thrutu to work for you, you first have to make sure that it is installed on both Android devices involved in the conversation.  If one side does not have the Android app installed, then the messages will be sent back and forth in SMS text form rather than the full data mode that Thrutu is capable of.

Next, and this one is the deal breaker of the group, if you want Thrutu to work for you, then neither side of the conversation can be on either the Verizon or Sprint networks. (Which effectively clears out my contact list!)   Thrutu will not work on these networks because they are unable to support voice and data simultaneously.  Meaning that you can’t talk on your Android while also using it to surf the web.  You can still use the SMS text functions, but again, its just not the full picture.

Now, this is an issue that should correct its self with time, but it will take the carriers updating their network.  Once that happens Thrutu will be good to go.

Share Worthiness

So should you share it?  Absolutely!  After all, its only fun if your friends have it as well!  Once they do, and as long as both of you are part of a supported network, you will soon wonder what you ever did without Thrutu!



Android Apps Review Details: Thrutu Android App is free. This app requires Android 2.1 and up. You may download Thrutu from the Android Market.

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