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Medscape: MD on Call for Your Android Free

Medscape: MD on Call for Your Android

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Written Android App Review

Some Android apps you can clearly cover in a single Android app review.  You can talk them through inside and out without leaving a single question out there on the table.  And you can leave no stone unturned when it comes to giving an inside look to your readers.

And then there are the “other” Android apps.  The ones that are complex and intricate in a way that is hard to put into words.  These Android apps are different.  When you sit down to review them you suddenly find yourself faced with so much information that it is difficult to tell where to start, much less what you should cover.

Medscape is one of these Android apps.  First off….its huge!  There is so much data packed into this one single Android app that it truly seems never ending.  And that’s before we even really start to talk about the options involved!  But I’m getting off track.  Let’s get started so I can explain exactly what I’m talking about.



Features for Medscape?  Too many to count!  This Android app has every medical related feature you could think of plus a few you didn’t even know to miss.  You can check for the latest news, look up drug interactions, confer with references and even scroll through the directory.  Basically there just isn’t much that the developers of Medscape haven’t thought of.

My own personal favorite section to this Android app is the Interaction Checker.  Coming from a medical background of my own, I know first hand that this is a key area where errors are common.  Being able to easily check interactions for your own medications, or those of your loved ones, will give you peace of mind that you just can’t find at the pharmacy.


If features are the high point of the Medscape Android app, then functionality is the low point.  It’s not terrible, but I did find a couple of areas that were less than stellar when it comes to performance.

First, in the reference section many of the pages that I tried to bring up ended up being completely blank.  As in no text…as in nothing but a pretty white screen.  This is not my idea of reference materiel!  In fact if I want nice white pages I can find those ready and waiting for


me right in my own printer.  Definite low point!.

The other issue is that Medscape often seemed to bog its self down in the details until the Android app all but stopped working.

Basically it seems that the developers of Medscape need to streamline.  They have all these great resources in their line-up but if they don’t work well then they just aren’t wroth all that much.


Overall this is a great Android app that costs you absolutely nothing.  The info (when you can get it) is great and I can’t fault the set up as a whole.  Honestly I think that the issues I found were transient.  As in, they won’t be around long.  So give it a try because you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain in the right situation.



Android Apps Review Details: Medscape Android App is free. This app requires Android 1.6 and up. You may download Medscape from the Android Market.

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