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Find Your Favorite Version with YouVersion Holy Bible Free

Find Your Favorite Version with YouVersion Holy Bible

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Want to have the Bible in the palm of your hand, via Android, wherever you go? Check out Holy Bible Android app, by YouVersion. It’s one of the most popular Bible Android apps on the Android OS and is available for free, with loads of features and multiple Bible translations.


My Android app review found that initially, Holy Bible Android app asks you to sign up for an account with Much of the apps functionality is based through this account. However, you can still browse the online Bible versions through the app without signing in or making an account with YouVersion.

YouVersion Android app review

Holy Bible

If you have a data plan and don’t mind constantly using it, you can access the different Bible versions you want without downloading anything permanently to your device. However, if you don’t always have data network or wifi access, you’ll want to download the Bible versions you want ahead of time for easy browsing on the go. This is a little annoying, as I first expected the Bible to be downloaded with the initial install from the get go. However, once I figured out what was needed, I was able to get the app running offline easily.

My favorite part of this app is the huge selection of different versions of the Bible available. It’s not just King James or NIV; rather, Holy Bible boasts over 15 different English translations. Want the Bible in a different language? Holy Bible offers that as well, with many different languages, even ancient Greek, translations offered!

The planner feature is a pretty sweet part of Holy Bible. Many avid readers of this book enjoy keeping a daily reading schedule and this app helps makes it even easier. With the YouVersion account, you can select from several different Bible reading schedules, allowing you to easily   keep up to date on your goals. Even better, the daily reading that you do and subsequently record in the daily planner is synced with your account. This allows you to keep track of your progress, whether you are at home using your PC or on the go with your Android device.

Graphical Layout

Holy Bible is laid out with several options from start up. Users can access the Bible, set up a reading plan, connect to others with  the Live feature, add and read notes, or edit the app’s settings from the main screen layout .There’s even an option under settings to change the background lighting, allowing you to save battery life during long reading periods. Holy Bible has a very professional layout and really looks great on my Android. The developers didn’t take shortcuts in designing the graphical layout of this app!


The YouVersion Holy Bible is one of the most popular Bible apps for the Android and it’s easy to see why. It’s host of features, multiple versions and easy browsing add up to make it an excellent Bible for the Android OS. Initially, it’s limited by the requirement to download the versions you want using an active network connection. Once you’ve overcome this hiccup, the Holy Bible app is great. To top it off, this app is available for free through the Android Market and runs well, even on older Android devices! Try it out today!


Android Apps Review Details: Holy Bible Android app is free. This app requires Android 1.5 and up. You may download Holy Bible from the Android Market.

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