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Burn the Rope: Go Ahead, Start a Fire free

Burn the Rope: Go Ahead, Start a Fire

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Written Android App Review

Feed the fire, that’s the name of the game in Burn the Rope, my new Android app guilty pleasure. Burn the Rope is an accelerometer driven puzzler app of astronomically addictive proportions. Polished graphics, intelligent gameplay and a lot more make this app one to watch. Let’s light a match on this Android app review.


My Android app review found, in the beginning at least, that Burn the Rope was really simple. Developers Big Blue Bubble have taken a mind boggling simple concept and turned it into something special. Tap a rope to set fire to it. Use your Android’s accelerometer to keep the flame pointed up or it will go out. Navigate the twists and turns, bonuses and bugs to complete a level.

Burn the Rope app review

Burn the Rope

That’s right, I said bugs. Not only does this Android app have fire, it has bugs. Prepubescent boys everywhere are crapping their pants with excitement. Burning bugs in the game changes it up. For example, burning an ant changes the color of the flame to the color of the ant. Only a matching flame can burn a colored rope. Other bugs bump up your game score, shoot out webs or burst, shooting flames across the board. Get out your bug collection, it’s gonna be a long night.

In all seriousness, this game starts out simply and then gets a lot more difficult. You must burn 60 percent or more of the rope to pass a level. There are currently 112 levels available in Burn the Rope Android app, in addition to a collection of daily puzzles, and there’s a lot more coming, according to developers.

User Interface

I had a flawless user experience playing Burn the Rope, and I played it long and hard. There was nary a bobble or a black screen, not a glitch or a crash. The game’s home screen has options to Tweet or update Facebook with links to the game, and once you tap play select your game level from one of the game pods located on a game board that looks a lot like your back yard, complete with fire pit, shed and wood pile. Navigation is easily aided by back buttons. Customizable settings and a helpful walk through complete the app experience.

Graphics & Design

Burn the Rope app review

Burn the Rope

Despite its simplistic ideology, Burn the Rope is blessed with some fun, flashy graphics. Nothing groundbreaking here, but the graphics are appropriate and easy on the eyes. I would like to dedicate this section of my Android app review to Burn the Rope’s soundtrack. It’s a little Barry White, and a little James Brown, and all together hilarious. The funky beats and hilarious inflections such as, “Oh YEAH!” when you get a gold rating, give this app a little something extra. Even if you are someone who generally plays apps with the audio off, like me, do yourself a favor and turn it up. You’ll be singing, “Burn the rope, yeah,” under your breath all day.


Burn the Rope Android app is free to download from the Android Market. There is an in-app purchase option to upgrade to the full version for $2.99, but I’d rather deal with ads and save my money for now. Bottom line: this app is on fire. Get it.



Burn the Rope QR Code

Burn the Rope



Android Apps Review Details: Burn the Rope Android App is free. This app requires Android 1.6 and up. You may download Burn the Rope from the Android Market.

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