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Get into the Shape of Things with My First Puzzles $1.14

Get into the Shape of Things with My First Puzzles

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The thing with having kids, and also having Android devices and many Android apps, is that it is next to impossible to keep the two apart.  It’s like the Android has this beacon that calls out to little hands, begging them to come and spend a few fun filled minutes pushing every button and every corner of the screen that they can find.

Can you tell that I am speaking from first hand experience here?

The key to this eventuality is finding Android apps that allow your little ones to interact with the device without causing irreparable damage!

This is where my Android app review of My First Puzzles Android app comes into play.  A fun little Android app, My First Puzzles helps your little ones to perfect their fine motor skills while also keeping them busy with some great age appropriate fun.  They get their time on the Android, and you get the peace of mind in knowing that it was time well spent.


Here’s how it works.  When you add My First Puzzles to your Android device, you are getting access to a whopping 14 fun and exciting puzzles for your little one to work with.  Check out the screen shot to the left.  Each of those little colored bubbles represents one of the puzzles found in My First Puzzles.

My First Puzzles

I love this set up! Why? Because it never fails.  Every time I add an app like this to my Android device I spend half of my time being asked to find “the doggy one” or “the one with the birdy.”  By laying out the puzzles in this type of straightforward format, my daughter can do it all by herself thus giving me a few free moments to sit down and write you this fantastic review!

On a side note the quality of the graphics on this Android app are phenomenal and the music is a blast.  It is obvious that the developers have paid attention to every and have gone above and beyond to take care of every little detail.


No functionality issues.  Not a single one.  Know what else?  No permissions either!  I could not be happier!

There is nothing more frustrating then finding an Android app that you think will be great then discovering it comes with more permissions than you can count.  Those apps just aren’t worth it.  If I wanted to open my Android up to some stranger halfway around the world, then I would just go ahead and post all of my information on a public forum.  But, since that is not the goal of the day, I am always happy to find a permissions list that is both short and sweet.

Fun Factor

My First Puzzles Android app is a fun and unique way to share your Android app with the little ones in your life.  Is it worth the $1.14 price tag?  Absolutely!  At $1.14 you are paying a whopping $0.08 per puzzle!  I think that’s a fair price, especially for an Android app that runs well and doesn’t come with any type of hidden agenda.  Plus, my little ones loves it!  And, as I haven’t seen or heard from either her or my Android since I first added the My First Puzzles app, I think that she may like it a little too much!

My First Puzzles


Android Apps Review Details: My First Puzzles Android App costs $1.14. This app requires Android 1.5 and up. You may download My First Puzzles from the Android Market.

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