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Tank Hero brings Mechanized Combat to the Android Free

Tank Hero brings Mechanized Combat to the Android

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There are only a handful of Android games which strive for quality game play while pushing the graphics boundaries – Tank Hero is one of such games.  If you are a new Android user or if you an existing Android user who has not discovered Tank Hero, this is a must-have addition to your Android game list.


Tank Hero

If you are familiar with Wii Play’s “Tanks!,” you will find Tank Heroes very similar.  However, unlike “Tanks!”where many players fumbled around and got easily frustrated learning how to control their tank, Tank Hero’s controls could not be made much easier – or in much more variety.  With five different control patterns to choose from in conjunction with a touch screen, navigating your tank could not be more intuitive.

As of the recent June 2011 update, Tank Hero now supports two worlds sporting 40 levels each – creating an immense amount of game play when keeping in mind that there are three different modes: campaign, survival, and time trial.

In campaign mode, battle your way through levels achieving bronze, silver, or gold medals.  Not to worry, if you do not attain the medal you want, you can replay any of the levels at your leisure.

In survival mode, choose one of the 80 levels and take on separate waves of enemies while earning credits for each wave you defeat.  At the end of each wave, your life will reset and you will be brought to the upgrade menu where you can modify your tank to decimate the next battalion waiting for you.

In time trial mode, the objective is just as it sounds – defeat the enemy tanks as fast as you can as best as you can.  Time trial mode is similar to campaign mode wherein simply choose and complete the selected level.  The twist is that you earn bragging rights among other tank heroes who will marvel at your high scores – or pity your not-so-high-scores.

With such smooth controls and a horde of level-slash-mode combinations to choose from, Tank Hero has set a standard in Android games.


Tank Hero possesses amazing 3D graphics for a handheld mobile device.  The market description states that Tank Hero features “openGL 3D graphics with dynamic lighting and real-time shadows,” but until your see it for yourself, you will not be able to truly appreciate the graphics of this game that few applications can surpass.  Unlike many games on the Android platform, there is Tank Hero support for Android HD devices as well as Android tablets.  That being said, with such bedazzling graphics, Tank Hero does require a “high-end” Android device (examples include devices comparable to the Nexus One, Droid, Samsung Galaxy, etc as per the market description).


Tank Hero brings a dangerous combination of fluid game play and high-grade graphics to Android users sucking them into hours of seemingly endless fun.  This application offers an easy way to pass time, compete, or just have fun!  The game is simple, eliminate the enemy tanks.  With such superb game play, a simple options layout, and top-notch graphics, it is hard to believe that Tank Hero is free.  So, whether will spend countless hours playing the game, or only loading it in a rare downtime, you won’t regret having Tank Heroes in your application list.


Android Apps Review Details: The Tank Hero Android application is free. This application requires Android 2.1 and up. You may download Tank Hero from the Android Market.

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