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Naval Clash: Oh No! You Sunk My Battle Ship! Free

Naval Clash: Oh No! You Sunk My Battle Ship!

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If you were ever a child (and odds are, you were) I would like to take a moment to address the simple and agonizingly addictive game that is Battle Ship. As a younger sister, I know the pain of all too often having my battle ship sunk, but I also know the thrill of an unexpected comeback.

Good news. Now you can experience all the fun of an epic strategy game for the ages on your Android with Naval Clash Android app, complete with retro-chic hand drawn graphics and honest to goodness grid paper background. Round up your cruisers and hide your air craft carrier well, it’s time for the Naval Clash Android app review.


Naval Clash Android app review

Naval Clash

Naval Clash is a classic game of strategy. Place your ships cautiously on the grid. Trust me, there’s a trick to this. No two ships can be too close to one another, and it’s best to arrange your ships in an unpredictable way to make it harder for your opponent to find them.

Once all ten of your ships are hidden away it’s time to select your opponent. There are three different ways to play Naval Clash. Use the single player mode to combat the Android app’s computer. Or you can connect to other players within approximately 30 feet via Bluetooth and battle. As a third alternative, take your Naval Clash addiction online and play other competitors online.

I do wish there was a way to select your online opponent, or find friends on there, but still, three different game play options is awesome.

The idea is to find all of your challenger’s ships before they find yours. If you hit part of a ship you get another turn. Try to keep your momentum going; it’s the best way to get ahead.

Layout & Design

Naval Clash app review

Naval Clash

Ok, so Naval Clash is a dead ringer for Battle Ship and I am A-Okay with that. I love the classic game play and the super retro feel of this app’s graphics and interactions.In keeping with the retro aesthetic, Naval Clash Android app is designed as though you were literally playing on a page of graphing paper. The app is not optimized for tablet usage yet, but an update is on the way to fix that and the app functions perfectly on my Android Galaxy S device.

In the app notes, it mentions that the art in Naval Clash Android app is hand drawn, and I like it. A bunch of flashy graphics or animation could have detracted from the simple, yet awesome, purpose of Naval Clash.


On top of all the good news I just gave you about Naval Clash Android app, the app is free and does not have any ads. That’s right folks. I just found the Holy Grail of Android apps, and I suggest you go get it too. Now. Scoot. Oh and if you fall victim to a certain Sailor Val on the WebMan setting, I cannot be held responsible for your tears.

Naval Clash QR Code

Naval Clash


Android Apps Review Details: Naval Clash Android app is free. This app requires Android 2.0 and up. You may download Naval Clash from the Android Market.

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  1. You need to provide a way so that it times out when someone gets so far behind it is obvious they will lose and they quit playing but will not quit the game because it will cost them a loss.

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