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Skyscanner: Sounds Like A Bad Superhero, Scans Like A Rock Star Free

Skyscanner: Sounds Like A Bad Superhero, Scans Like A Rock Star

  • Concept and Functionality
  • Design
  • Overall Value

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Skyscanner for Android, by the developer of the same name, makes finding cheap flights on the go about as easy as watching paint dry: In essence, it does most of the work for you. The app is a brilliant utility for those always needing a plane ticket, helping to streamline, refine, and improve the process of obtaining your next seat. It’s quick, free, and best of all, looks absolutely fantastic.

Concept and Functionality



Skyscanner can best be described as an or experience in a mobile setting. By telling the app where you want to leave from, as well as where you’d like to land and when, Skyscanner browses a myriad of available airlines, prowling for cheap fares. Once it has exhausted all available options (Skyscanner really does look everywhere) the app deposits what it’s found at your feet.

Considering the volume of search results returned, the huge number of filters the app comes with are very much appreciated. Users can sort flights by price, airline, flight departure or arrival time, even flight duration. It makes finding “the one” as simple as possible, something heavy business travelers will find useful to be sure.

Once a flight has been selected, users can either book directly by phone with a click, or via the Internet with equally as little effort. All deals are sealed in your default browser, though, as Skyscanner offers no in-app browsing experience. I didn’t see this as a drag: In fact, I rather liked the stability of my preferred browser for closing off a ticket purchase. For some, though, this may seem disjointed and unpleasant.


Where Skyscanner absolutely takes off, though, is its design. The app is simply gorgeous, and could not come with a better layout. The copious drop-down menus, endless array of easy navigation tools: It all combines to make the smoothest rolling flight finder ever to hit Android.

Skyscanner also keeps track of your recent searches, which I found particularly useful. I’m always flying to Denver, and usually from the same place. By having that search saved to my home screen, it’s as easy as booting up the app and tapping once to look for a cheap flight.

All in all, Skyscanner’s design is simply incredible, and will please everyone from the casual flyer to the hardened business veteran.

Overall Value

As a free app in the Android Market, Skyscanner’s value can hardly be argued. With such a brilliant interface and so much quick-search potential, the app really does offer everything the traveller needs. Skyscanner is essentially a repackaged version of features available elsewhere on the Internet (see most large, travel site chains) but the convenience, clever design, and brilliant functionality of the app make it well worth a download.

Android Apps Review Details:
 Skyscanner app is free. This app requires Android 2.1 and up. You may download Skyscanner from the Android Market.

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