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Star Legends: Explore, Socialize and Dominate Free

Star Legends: Explore, Socialize and Dominate

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The latest MMO craze is the Star Legends Android app from the creators of Pocket Legends. Star Legends is currently in a beta test phase, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of eager users from downloading this spectacular multi-player game.

If you’re ready for the next cutting edge MMO download the Star Legends Android app, or at least tune in to my Android app review. This game rocks.


Star Legends Android Apps Review

Star Legends

To start your Star Legend Android app journey, select from three battle ready classes and customize your avatar. If you want to go into battle with guns blazing, opt for a commando. If standing back and throwing a spell or two is more your speed, give engineer a try. If you would rather be a fine mix of the two, an operative is your best bet.

Star Legend Android app lets you play online with people from around the world at any time. It’s very rare that you would be on a board alone. It’s easy to make friends, communicate and level up in with groups.

I do have to say, the missions get a little bit monotonous. Star Legend isn’t the kind of Android app you will want to play for hours at a time, but it’s perfect for ten or twenty minutes of solid action.

Customizable avatars, equipment upgrades and in app platinum boosts help make the game more dynamic, though the story line and action really hold up throughout.

User Interface

Star Legends Android App Review

Star Legends

There are definitely a lot of onscreen controls and buttons with the Star Legend Android app. An intelligent vision toggle lets you see more easily, and most buttons can be tucked away or are translucent enough to ignore if you need to.

An auto target feature also helps with in app controls. Mostly, you’ll be using a joystick type control to navigate boards. That’s par for the course with an app like this, and it responds brilliantly.

Layout & Design

I am really impressed with the amount of design work and app development that went into the Star Legend Android app. Each screen is extremely detailed. Even the intro graphics are impressive.

A dedicated team took some serious time to create this app, and it’s killer 3D graphics. It definitely shows.


Star Legends Android app is meant to be fun without having to be expensive. Sure, you can spend a little green on the app currency, platinum, but you should not have to do so to enjoy and play Star Legends. The app itself is free to download.

I think the value of Star Legends increases with the size of your screen. It’s fun to play for a bit on a regular phone, but the small screen really does not do this app justice. If you have a tablet, this app is a must.

Star Legends Android App QR Code

Star Legends



Android Apps Review Details: Star Legends Android app is free. This app requires Android 2.0 and up. You may download Star Legends from the Android Market.

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