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Human Anatomy: Now Shake Them Skeleton Bones Free

Human Anatomy: Now Shake Them Skeleton Bones

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Medical students rejoice! Now there’s a simple Android app with mobile diagrams detailing 15 different biological systems called Human Anatomy.

This one stop body shop for Android is sure to come in handy for anatomy students and curious leaners alike. Let’s go beneath the surface with my Android app review of Human Anatomy.


Human Anatomy Android App Review

Human Anatomy

The Human Anatomy Android app brings you detailed layouts of fifteen major human biological systems, and a boat load of information about each item in a system.

The lucky systems featured in this app include: cardio vascular system, digestive system, endocrine-central nervous, endocrine – reproductive, endocrine – alimentary, the eye, female reproductive system, lymphatic system, male reproductive system, muscular system – back, muscular system – front, nervous system, skeletal system – back, skeletal system – front and urinary system.

Each system is displayed on a humanoid outline with terms to the left and right of the body. Lines connect the names of system elements to their digital representations. Tap on each word to access details. For example, in the cardio vascular system tapping the celiac artery tells you what it is, and what region it supplies blood to. There are also frequent links to additional Wiki information about parts.

That all sounds pretty technical, and it definitely is. Human Anatomy also has an awesome pinch to zoom feature that makes using it much easier. Well played, SusaSoftX.

Practical Application

Human Anatomy Android Apps Review

Human Anatomy

Certainly, there is a lot of information the Human Anatomy Android app does not contain, however I still think it will be particularly helpful to medical students, as an easy reference guide for high school and college students, and even for us laymen who have questions about organ placement or the names of bones.

Practical application aside, this app is just plain neat and super educational. Nothing wrong with a little more information floating around.

Layout & Design

Despite the mother lode of data tucked into the Human Anatomy Android app, it is organized as neatly as a well aligned spine. Systems are organized in a list, and then all additional data is linked off of diagram titles.

It would be pretty hard to get lost rooting around in this app. I also appreciate the equal representation of male and female body models (although there’s nothing graphic about it). I wish there was a favorites feature, or an option to save articles for easy access. But that’s just a nitpicky wish.


The Human Anatomy Android app is free to download and user, although it is supported by advertisements. The ads are kept in a small banner at the bottom of each page, and they don’t interfere with the app at all.

I don’t have a problem with them, and still think the Human Anatomy Android app will have a wide range of practical application, making it quite valuable.

Human Anatomy Android App QR Code

Human Anatomy



Android Apps Review Details: Human Anatomy Android app is free. This app requires Android 1.6 and up. You may download Human Anatomy from the Android Market.

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