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Shaking Tower Panda: The Endangered Version of Jenga Free

Shaking Tower Panda: The Endangered Version of Jenga

  • Concept and Gameplay
  • Design and Controls
  • Overall Value

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If there’s any one genre that’s been absolutely beat into the dust on the Android platform, it’s the physics-based puzzler. Thanks to everyone’s favorite Angry Birds, the style of gameplay has exploded across all sorts of mobile devices, particularly our Google-powered favorite. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no innovation left to be had, a point Shaking Tower Panda, by developer AetherElephant proves with tact, good looks, and killer gameplay. We can’t get over how cool this free application is, and if you’re looking for a fun diversion during the morning commute, this one’s your ticket to ride.

Concept and Gameplay

Shaking Tower Panda for Android

Shaking Tower Panda for Android

As mentioned, Shaking Tower Panda is a physics-based puzzler of the highest magnitude. However, instead of requiring players to blast miniature birds across a scalable landscape, the app requires the user to safely navigate a cute panda off a stack of blocks. Each level features an arrangement of block types, topped with a white and black cherry. To help the panda reach ground level, the user will need to tilt their Android device right and lift, guiding their avatar’s descent using the built-in accelerometer.

To spice up the gameplay, the developers have included a set of various rules. For example, the panda cannot fall more than two blocks high, or he will be quite upset, and the level isn’t cleared. Likewise, he cannot be thrown into the air and expect a safe landing. This results in the user having to strategize, removing blocks one at a time to better suit their purposes. Blocks, of course, can be removed with a touch, but the more blocks left at the end of the round, the larger the total point score. All in all, it’s a blissfully engaging experience that we found particularly refreshing, especially after witnessing so many disastrous Angry Birds clones!

Design and Controls

Not only is Shaking Tower Panda innovative, but it also looks pretty darn good on the Android platform, as well! The graphics are crisp and, more importantly, the physics are very believable. We love how fluid the whole process is, and how natural the panda’s flights seem.

We also greatly appreciate the inclusion of various block types. There are blocks that help the panda slide, fly, or fall gracefully, adding even more depth to an already enriching pudding. There’s also more than enough levels to keep our busy minds afloat: A feat in and of itself, we assure you!

Overall Value

Best of all, Shaking Tower Panda is completely free in the Android Market, though ad-supported. And though we usually hate banner adverts, we have to admit, the title’s are quite inconspicuous. Even if they weren’t, though, we’d still be fond of such wicked innovation, cute graphics, and bargain pricing. Shaking Tower Panda is a must-have for the Android gamer, and if you’re looking for the next greatest diversion, it’s already landed.

Shaking Tower PandaAndroid Apps Review Details: Shaking Tower Panda app is free. This app requires Android 2.1 and up. You may download Shaking Tower Panda from the Android Market. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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