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Tiny Comet: Goodness, Gracious That’s One Great Ball of Fire Free

Tiny Comet: Goodness, Gracious That’s One Great Ball of Fire

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Tiny Comet: Written Android App Review

Tiny Comet is the perfect choice for fast-paced, all-ages fun on Android. This addictive game from CatfishBlues Games carries all the hallmarks of an app that’s sure to be a hit: an adorable main character, creative, skill-based gameplay, loads of levels and Open Feint integration. We’re sure you’ll agree with our Android app review, Tiny Comet is one star about to rise.


Tiny Comet Android Apps Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

In an interesting twist on the tilt-to-play model, you will guide Tiny Comet through boards littered with boosts, collectible stars, enemies and other dangerous obstacles by tilting your Android up and down as opposed to side-to-side. Not only is this a bit easier in our opinion, it helps the app make optimal use of the screen and keeps annoying elbow bumps on the train to a minimum.

There’s some storyline to the game as well, about a comet sucked in by earth’s gravitational force, destined to gobble up stars to keep itself alive. But Tiny Comet gets right to the action, and that’s what we’re looking for. This app originally appeared on iOS, and we’re happy to announce the gameplay is actually smoother on Android due to a more manageable game speed.

Simple Open Feint integration also improves the game, giving it a competitive edge and making you part of a global network of gamers. There’s plenty of variety in the game’s 18 levels thanks to a diverse selection of items that both help and hurt Tiny Comet. Be sure to keep your fuel bar full and make it to checkpoints before time runs out.

Layout & Design

Tiny Comet Android App Review

Tiny Comet

We simply could not review Tiny Come without saying this: we love the adorable main character and the app’s additional cartoon-style graphics. Every couple of levels introduces a new beautiful setting for gameplay and there are diverse styles of enemies, levels and boosts that keep this game super interesting.


Strangely enough, our Android device running version 2.3 was unable to download Tiny Comet from the Android Market, but downloading and installing the app from Amazon’s app store worked just fine. That suited our purposes, since the entire unlocked version of the app is just $.99 from Amazon, whereas the Android Market version is free to download and requires a more expensive in-app purchase to unlock all the levels.

The app also paused randomly during one of the game levels. After about half a minute the game unfroze, recalibrated itself and allowed us to continue playing. We found the long load times a bit annoying.

Overall Value

A few functionality concerns aside, Tiny Comet is a lot of fun to play. We suggest downloading the free version at the very least, but be forewarned, this app is going to suck you in. You’ll want to unlock all the app’s features in no time flat.

Tiny Comet Android App QR Code

Tiny Comet



Android Apps Review Details: Tiny Comet Android app is free. This app requires Android 2.2 and up. You may download Tiny Comet from the Android MarketA small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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