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Mortgage Calculator: Find Your Figures, Skip the Sales Pitch Free

Mortgage Calculator: Find Your Figures, Skip the Sales Pitch

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Mortgage Calculator: Video Android App Review

Find out how much house you can afford in a hurry with Mortgage Calculator, a straightforward app for prospective home owners from Left Coast R&D. This is Left Coast R&D’s first foray into Android development. They already have a solid rep working with iOS, but we’d like to formally welcome them to the best operating system out there. How do you think they’ll hold up? Our Android app review of Mortgage Calculator may help you decide.


Mortgage Calculator Android Apps Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

By inputting a few basic numbers in Mortgage Calculator you can find out how much house is in your budget with ease. This app allows you to create as many possible scenarios as possible by inputting the home’s value, the amount of your down payment, your mortgage rate and term. It will let you know how much to expect for a monthly payment and what the total financed amount will be.

Then you can add additional details, such as property taxes, home owners association costs and any other custom cost by choosing a predefined option or creating your own. Mortgage Calculator gives you a full picture of projected costs without unnecessary fluff or any advertisements.

You’d never know Mortgage Calculator was the developer’s first Android app, unless you tried using the Android menu button to access additional options. This small oversight aside, Mortgage Calculator works extremely well. It performs a complex calculation in an extremely simple, user friendly way. When you’re buying a house the last thing you need is more stress, or a complex tool with 5,000 options driving you crazy.

Layout & Design

Mortgage Calculator Android App Review

Mortgage Calculator

Don’t be fooled, Mortgage Calculator is a financial utility. The app facilitates calculations and houses them in a simple green on white motif. There’s nothing flashy or eye catching about the app, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Entering mortgage details is easily done on a single screen. You can reorder mortgage entries by tapping the right-hand side of any one, or tap and hold an entry to delete it. A simple add button on the app’s home screen makes adding new mortgage calculations easy, and a dedicated home key makes getting back to the beginning a breeze.

We would love it if the app offered a folder sorting system, or had a just a little extra polish and flair. Other than these extremely mild critiques, we don’t have any issues with the app design. It’s extremely functional.

Overall Value

Mortgage Calculator is free to download, is not supported by advertisements and has no third party affiliation. That’s a great reason to make this app your mortgage calculating choice instead of some of the other apps out there on the market. If you want information, not a sales pitch, and the Mortgage Calculator Android app is your best bet.

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Mortgage Calculator



Android Apps Review Details: Mortgage Calculator Android app is free. This app requires Android 2.1 and up. You may download Mortgage Calculator from the Android MarketA small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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