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Daily Horoscope: Hey Baby, What’s Your Sign?

Daily Horoscope: Hey Baby, What’s Your Sign?

  • Concept and Functionality
  • Design and Layout
  • Overall Value

Daily Horoscope: Video Android Apps Review

We aren’t shamed to admit it: We’re kind of into the whole astrology thing, though mostly on a curiosity basis. As such, we delight in booting up our horoscope for the day with our morning coffee, having a laugh (or panic attack) about the similar points before going about our business. As such, we were quite excited to find Daily Horoscope, by developer Code Blenders. The widget nature of the app makes it unbelievably simple to read your horoscope, even directly from your home screen. So no matter if you live daily by the stars, or if you’re just casually interested, Daily Horoscope is a fantastic way to stay up to date. For our full thoughts on this astrology based application, check below beyond the break!

Concept and Functionality

Daily Horoscope for Android

Daily Horoscope for Android

Essentially, Daily Horoscope behaves just like you’d expect any other horoscope app to behave: The app allows the user to select their astrological sign, and then it churns through the Internet, returning with your predictions for the day. These blurbs are broken up into three distinct categories, those being Love, Wealth, and Welfare. In this sense, it makes reading easy, as you don’t have to strain to tell what you need to do differently today. Additionally, the app fully supports adding more than one sign, should you wish to add your partner/spouse/cat to the mix. Or, if you have no idea what your sign is, the app will also help you discover it, helping you dip a toe into the world of astrological predictions.

The real boon with the app, however, is its widget based functionality. Once your sign is set, the app behaves in a separate window that floats above either your applications drawer or your home screen. We loved this functionality, as it allowed us to quickly and efficiently catch our horoscope, and then click away to start the day. Additionally, if you’re in the mood, the app actually does come with a set of widgets to get the job done.

Design and Layout

Overall, we were tremendous fans of the design behind Daily Horoscope. The app is gorgeous, and the various signs each come with a unique, illustrated identifier. We loved the simplicity, and even the widgets were top-notch. However, we would have liked to see just a bit more social networking integration, as there’s currently no way to share our horoscopes with the Web directly in-app. Otherwise, we had to stretch to find any complaints with Daily Horoscope, aside from its included banner advertisements.

Overall Value

Considering Daily Horoscope is free, comes with full widget functionality, and looks great, we can’t see a reason not to give it a test-drive. If you’re a daily reader of your horoscope, your life can be greatly simplified by using Daily Horoscope. Even if you’re not, now is the perfect time to jump on board, minus the advertisements and lack of social networking. All in all, Daily Horoscope is a tight, recommended bundle.

Daily Horoscope for AndroidAndroid Apps Review Details: Daily Horoscope app is free. This app requires Android 1.5 and up. You may download Daily Horoscope from the Android Market. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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