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Zenonia 4 – The Latest Addition to an RPG Legend Free

Zenonia 4 – The Latest Addition to an RPG Legend

  • Concept & Gameplay
  • Layout & Design
  • Overall Value

Zenonia 4: Written Android App Review

It started with plain ole Zenonia, and now the RPG franchise from Gamevil is on its fourth release, aptly named Zenonia 4. This title both improves upon and takes a step back when compared to the others in this series. Our Android app review will tell you what to watch for.

Concept & Gameplay

Zenonia 4 Android Apps Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

The process of playing Zenonia 4 is extremely similar to its predecessors. You’ll guide a buff little warior on a journey to save the world, yet again, by facing evil all across the realm. Maps include villages, forests, ruins, castles and all the other hallmark types of places we look for in a good RPG action title. There’s still an extensive upgrade system for stats and skills, you level as you go, and there’s plenty of options for equipping goodies. It’s a freemium style game, but you can really enjoy it without spending any cash.

Unfortunately the storyline is probably the most convoluted one we’ve come across in this series so far. It really doesn’t make much sense unless you’ve spent some time with the other games, but you can always skip the story scenes if you don’t want to play catch up and go straight to the action.

Zenonia 4 also features an expanded online PVP gaming experience, which really adds something to the series.

Layout & Design

Zenonia 4 Android App Review

Zenonia 4

On the up side, Zenonia 4 features the nicest graphics in the series. They are markedly improved over the other titles. We still think the game view is a bit frustrating, and would love an option to scan or scroll around to see other parts of the map or an option to rotate to see in more of a 3D style, but that’s asking a lot.

The game layout is pretty standard and really didn’t change. The action key is still located in the lower right-hand corner and surrounded by different skills and attacks and the movement controls are on the lower left.

We do need to mention that the attacks seem a bit more impressive in this title for some reason. They seem bigger, brighter and altogether more entertaining.

Overall Value

As we mentioned earlier, Zenonia 4 follows Gamevil’s freemium gaming model. You can download the app for free and play for free. If you want to get a leg up, there are plenty of ways to spend some green while pursuing evil in this game. But, if you’d rather rock it the old fashioned way, it’s still a lot of fun.

The latest Zenonia game is well made and different enough from the other titles to stand on its own. It’s a good find, so go ahead and get it. These Zenonia titles are the perfect way to scratch your itch for action RPG on an Android.

Zenonia 4 Android App QR Code

Zenonia 4


Android Apps Review Details: Zenonia 4 Android app is free. This app requires Android 2.2 or higher. You may download Zenonia 4 from the Android Market.

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