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Pin ‘n Find – Car Finder is a Real Time Saver!

Pin ‘n Find – Car Finder is a Real Time Saver!

Pin ‘n Find – Car Finder: Written Android App Review
Price: Free
[Rating:4/5 ]

Are you having constant difficulty locating your car every time you go out? Want to save time and hassle by knowing where your car is whenever you park out in public areas? The Pin ‘n Find – Car Finder app from developer AOSV will be able to do just that for you!


The basic purpose of Pin ‘n Find – Car Finder is just what the app’s title says.  It is to help the everyday individual remember and locate their vehicle’s parking location. What sets this app apart from the rest of the car locator apps out available in the market is that it can automatically locate your vehicle location with the assistance of your vehicle’s equipped Bluetooth device in combination with your GPS signal. However, if you vehicle does not possess a Bluetooth system, the app will still be able to help you recall your car location by manually saving your parking location by simply draging and droping your vehicle parking spot on the app’s screen. If your GPS location cannot be located, the app allows you to take a picture of your parking location with your device’s default camera. Additional functions such as automatic saving of parked location, and instant app launch are also available. You can also have the option of choosing which navigation apps to help you find you way back to your parking spot.

Graphical Layout

Car Finder App Review

Pin ‘n Find – Car Finder is relatively simple to use. All you have to do is drag and drop the pin graphic down to your parked location that shows up on your device’s screen. App font is clear and obvious, and the background images are non-distracting. There are no outside or background sounds involved, unless you choose to take a picture of your parked car’s location with the default camera on your device. Overall navigation and layout is easy to figure out and work your way around, since the app’s function and purpose is pretty straightforward.


For Pin ‘n Find – Car Finder being offered free, it is a pretty decent deal. The only thing users have to keep in mind is that fact that this app will work best if the user already owns a Bluetooth system in their vehicle or if they have a GPS tracking system available. It is a great app for those who note themselves as being forgetful or are constantly on the go and have a million things to do and have a hard time keeping track of their whereabouts.  Obviously, it is only geared toward those who having a vehicle and can operate one, but it is still very handy and beneficial in this day and age.

Android Apps Review Details: Pin ‘n Find – Car Finder app is free. This app requires Android 2.1 and up. You may download Pin ‘n Find – Car Finder from the Android Market.

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