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DeFunkt Calls:  Never Miss a Dropped Call Again

DeFunkt Calls: Never Miss a Dropped Call Again

Price : $1.99
DeFunkt Calls: Written and Video Android App Review

One of the things we hate the absolute most about our Android phone is the fact that we get nothing but a solitary beep whenever a call is dropped. This irritates us to no end, as we’re never quite sure if we’re at fault, if our phone is acting up, or something in-between. Thankfully, though we can now use DeFunkt Calls by developer HTZ. The app saves us the need of having to worry about whether a call was dropped, or stopped intentionally. And it does all of this using a friendly, pre-programmed voice, too! So if your curiosity has been piqued, head on down below the break to view our whole thought on this killer app.

Concept and Functionality

DeFunkt Calls for Android

DeFunkt Calls for Android

The idea behind DeFunkt Calls is really quite simple. You see, on almost all Android phones (at least the ones we’ve had access to over the years) the phone doesn’t actually let you know when a call has been dropped. Instead, it simply plays the same tone that occurs when a call ends. Because of this, Android phone owners are never quite sure if the call was in fact dropped, ended for other reasons, or something somewhere in the middle. This is a mind-numbingly aggravating way to do things, and all of it has been solved by DeFunkt Calls.

The app is simple. It delivers a verbal message saying “Your call has been dropped” whenever that is indeed the case. You can also pre-program the phone to vibrate instead, set to a specific intensity as defined by you the user. In this way, you’ll never again have to worry about a dropped call—except for those calls that really weren’t dropped. We can’t, as of yet, help you out of that pickle.

Design and Interface

Thankfully, the app looks pretty good on the Android platform, too. It’s extremely simple, and to be honest, there’s hardly enough real estate here to complain about. The app comes with a simple on and off switch, as well as an easy tab that takes you to the voices menu. From here you can select from several different languages, as well as several different accents. The same home menu also produces a pop-up for vibration intensity and sound intensity, if you’d like to modify either of those. All in all, it looks slick, it works like a champ, and it’s completely unobtrusive. In our eyes, that’s a winning combination all the way around.

Overall Value

The app does cost a solid two bucks in the Android Market, which might just be too high for some of our users. Sure, it’s nice to know exactly when your calls have been dropped, but is it two bucks worthy? In our eyes, it is. However, we still would have liked to see the app priced at the always comfortable $0.99. Still, it’s worth every penny, and we can’t help but recommend the app for what it is.

DeFunkt CallsAndroid Apps Review Details: DeFunkt Calls is $1.99. This app requires Android 2.2+ and up. You may download DeFunkt Calls from the Android Market. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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