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Reading Equals Fun with the Snow White Interactive Story $2.99

Reading Equals Fun with the Snow White Interactive Story

Price: $2.99

Snow White Interactive Story: Android Apps Written Review

Looking for an app that you can interact with your kids with? Want a hands-on experience with a beloved fairy tale? Then the Snow White Interactive Story app from developer The Lusca is just the perfect app for you!


When you first load Snow White Interactive Story up, the main menu will offer you the option to read and play, have the book read to you, or the option to just read the book by yourself. The app setup is relatively simple, and the purpose is straight obvious. It is a fun take on a classic fairy tale story that children and their parents will both enjoy. Layout is basic and users should have no problem figuring out what to do. As for the interactive portion, you can just tap around with items and characters indicated with a gold dot signifying that they can be interacted with. To have the options of having the book read to you or not, along with the interactive functions, provide various learning styles that any user can benefit from.

Graphical Layout

Snow White Interactive Story Android Apps Review

The graphics and images of Snow White Interactive Story are absolutely stunning. Cute and adorable would be the best way to describe the overall appearance of this app. Animation is also superb, with several touch and play interactive features. You can tap on various objects in the room such as light fixtures and potted plants and alter their appearance. You can tap on characters and cause them to twirl about the room or get them to say one liners. Character speech bubbles are easy to read, along with the added audio bonus. The background music and sound effects are right on spot as well. The character voicing could have been more varied, such as distinguishing between male and female characters, but it is not something that really takes away from the story.


Yes, $2.99 for an app may seem somewhat expensive. However, for an app like Snow White Interactive Story it is quite worth the price. With an interactive story and a great theme for both children and adults alike, this story app will be enjoyed by all audiences of any background. Not only is it a fun app, but it is also an educationally beneficial one. It can help improve one’s reading ability and English skills. This is a highly recommended app, so what are you waiting for? Get Snow White Interactive Story today!

Android Apps Review Details: Snow White Interactive Story app is $2.99. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.2 and up. You may download Snow White Interactive Story from the Android Market

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