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Find Your Way Out with Glitch $1.27

Find Your Way Out with Glitch


Price: $1.27 (+ any applicable tax)

Glitch: Android Apps Written Review

Looking for a game that involves map strategics and logic? Then the Glitch game app from developer Andrey Mezheninov is just the perfect app for you!


When you first load Glitch, you will be prompted to select the default language as English or Russian, and then you will be directed to the main menu. You can either select from the main menu options to proceed to play the game, adjust the background music and sound effect options, or exit the app. The premise of the game is get in capture all the fuel cells and access the ending point as fast as you can. However, you will encounter impediments or “glitches” along the way, and you do not want to be struck by any of the enemy clusters or you will do and the game ends. Game controls are maneuvered by tapping and holding down on the right and left, and the up and down arrow icons on the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

Graphical Layout

Glitch Android App Review

Overall, the appearance of Glitch is decent. The graphics are not that super amazing, but they are relatively well done. The layout is relatively simple, and app navigation is easy to figure out since there is just a main menu and the game itself. However, since there are no tutorials provided, figuring out how to play the game and what the main goal is might be a little tricky. After a few trial and error runs though, you should be able to decipher which items are obstacles and which items are beneficial. The background music and sound effects are non-distracting and contribute to the entertaining aspect of the game.


Overall, the value of Glitch is average. There are a lot of game apps available out in the market today that are offered for free, so this game might not be something everyone would be gunning for. However, it is an entertaining app and would be a great app to go to during your free time. It does offer challenging maps to figure out and succeed in, and there really is not only one way to get to the finishing point, so you can replay the same map and try to figure out other ways to succeed in the least amount of time.

Android Apps Review Details: Glitch app is $1.27 (+ any applicable tax). This app’s Android requirement requires 2.3.3 and up. You may download Glitch from the Android Market

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  1. Simple and quite fun game. Good for kill some time.

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