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Mobile Spy: When You Just Have to Take a Look

Mobile Spy: When You Just Have to Take a Look


Price: $49.97 (3 Months)
Mobile Spy: Written iPhone App Review

Mobile Spy for Android

Mobile Spy for Android

Every now and again we get to look at an Android app that absolutely knocks our socks off. Usually it’s some kind of stupid boring calculator—what can we say, we’re huge nerds?—but today’s example of this phenomena is actually more James Bond than it is anything else. Mobile Spy offers an incredibly detailed and unique way to track and Android phone’s doings and whereabouts. In fact, it is so detailed and so accurate that it’s almost intimidating. Almost. For our full review, you need only to slide on down beyond the break!

Concept and Functionality

The idea behind Mobile Spy goes something like this: The app rests in the background on your phone (or whomever’s) silently tracking literally everything that goes on. The app is preprogrammed to report back to the Mobile Spy at a set time interval. When it does this, it uploads all of its logs to that server. Once they’re online, they can be viewed from any desktop browser simply by logging in.

If that doesn’t sound clear enough, let us spell it out: Mobile Spy tracks bloody near everything that happens on a phone, uploads it for web use, and generally spies continuously on the device. This is an incredible breakthrough for concerned parents, or those who might be afraid of having their phones stolen. This is further enhanced by the fact that Mobile Spy will track and log everything from text messages to emails, all the way back to calls and social networking activity. It’s unbelievable how much it stores, and we truly do mean that. Even better, the app also comes with a live panel (for a bit of extra money) that lets you modify the phone in real-time from your desktop. It’s an unbelievable step forward in security and protection on the Android platform.

Graphics and Interface

Mobile Spy for Android

Mobile Spy for Android

Better still, the app actually looks pretty fantastic—both on the Web and on the phone. The interface at both locations is crisp and nonsensical. It’s not very flashy, but then again, do you really want it to be? You’ll be stuck with mostly settings to tweak on your physical phone, but with your browser, the interface neatly arranges all of its various features using a single side bar. This makes it lightning quick to navigate to just about any section. All in all, it’s a solidly polished effort.

Overall Value

That being said, Mobile Spy will certainly cost you a lot of money. Roughly $50 will earn you a 3 month subscription. Still, though, if you want to rack an Android phone’s doings, there’s literally nothing better than Mobile Spy. It will do everything you want it to and more, making it still a great value for the concerned parent or tech owner. If you need to have a look inside your phone, you’re absolutely better off with Mobile Spy.

Mobile SpyAndroid Apps Review Details: Mobile Spy is FREE. This app requires Android 2.1+ and up. You may download Mobile Spy App from the Android Market. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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