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Fuel Your Feline Madness with Robot Kitten $0.99

Fuel Your Feline Madness with Robot Kitten

Price: $0.99

Robot Kitten: Android Apps Written Review

Like the idea of saving cute little kittens while in turn they earn points for you? How about launching them in mid-air and propelling them back and forth all while keeping them from their ultimate end? Then the Robot Kitten game app from developer Tethys Interactive LLC is just the perfect app for you!


With you are basically launching a kitten into the air and trying to make it capture all sky high objects such as balloons without out the kitten falling to nowhere. You can achieve this by first launching a kitten in the air (by tapping on the “launch” icon on the center left hand corner) and using the left and right arrow buttons to catch the kitten before it falls to its ultimate end and bouncing it off a board so it can once again fly through the air and capture more objects. There is also a special boost option on the right hand corner that can further assist you during the play. You can launch multiple kittens if you want the game play to be more challenging, but like the single kitten launched, you have to make sure it does not fall to its ultimate end and that you capture all of the mid-air objects successfully.

Graphical Layout

Robot Kitten Android App Review

The graphics of Robot Kitten are fun and just plain adorable. With bright and vivid color schemes and carnival-like fluffy background themes, any user of any age and background would find the overall appearance of this appealing. The animation is even amusing and adds to the overall cutesy aspect of the game play. True, the images appear a bit flat, but that does not deter from the overall entertainment aspect of the game too much.

The background music and sound effects are catchy, and at times funny, even when the kitten does not quite make it.


For Robot Kitten being offered for 99 cents is a pretty good deal. It is a fun and entertaining app that is suitable for any user really. With its simple yet challenging game play, you will be hooked playing it on hours end. It possesses a unique twist on a common game app premise, but turns the game action and purpose into something more cute and appealing. It is a great app to pass the time during breaks, waiting in line, or when you have simply nothing to do. Some may find the idea of propelling kittens rather ridiculous, but garnered only very few will. Download Robot Kitten the app today!

Android Apps Review Details: Robot Kitten app is free. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.2 and up. You may download Robot Kitten from the Android Market.

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