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PrintJinni: The Only Android Printer You’ll Need

PrintJinni: The Only Android Printer You’ll Need


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If you’ve been a longtime Android user—or iPhone user, for that matter—you’re likely aware of just how hard it is to get content from your mobile device to your Wi-Fi enabled printer. Previously we had to jump through all kinds of hoops and throw down a lot of yo-yo’s to get the magic to happen. Now, though, we can simply use PrintJinni by developer Thinxtream Technologies. The app makes it incredibly easy (and yet oh so complex) to print a variety of files and formats using nothing but your Android phone and a compatible printing destination. For our full review of this stunning app, you need only to slide on down below the break, as well.

Concept and Functionality 

PrintJinni for Android

PrintJinni for Android

At its core, PrintJinni has one goal in mind, and it aims to please: It wants to help you print just about anything from your Android device, allowing you to export files and formats directly from their native applications, through PrintJinni, and ultimately to your printer. It works like a champ, and we have to admit, the number of places that PrintJinni can get its inky fingers into is really quite incredible.

It will print color photos out of your gallery using the “Print with PrintJinni” option. It will probe the depths of your favorite cloud-based storage options looking for files to print. It will even open up a number of common office document formats, allowing you to preview your content before—again—sending it over to have it printed. Want complex printing options, that way your content arrives at the other end exactly as you’d like it? No problem with PrintJinni! Need to print out an entire bloody web page? Again, with PrintJinni it’s really no problem. All in all, it certainly feels like the developers have thought of everything, and the end result is truly marvelous.

Design and Interface

The absolute best thing about PrintJinni is that, for the most part, you don’t notice it! It’s usually tucked up into the share function of your files, which means it’s not about until you absolutely need it. But when you do, it’s only a few quick menu actions away from being in-use. What we’re trying to say is that PrintJinni is really the perfect Android utility: It’s unobtrusive, endlessly powerful, and cleverly designed enough that it’s easy to navigate. This certainly makes the app a winner in our book!

Overall Value

If you’d like to give PrintJinni a run, you can have a 30 day free trial with a free download of the app. After that, PrintJinni comes with a number of cheap and flexible pricing subscriptions. We don’t much like the fact that it’s a subscription service, but still: The cost of the services hardly knocks PrintJinni any points, which means this app gets a solid recommendation, as well as our definitive praise.

PrintJinniAndroid Apps Review Details: PrintJinni is FREE. This app requires Android 2.1+ and up. You may download PrintJinni from the Android Market. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. I use this and another app called Print on my Samsung Galaxy Ace

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