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Super Touchdown: Calling All Football Fans Free

Super Touchdown: Calling All Football Fans

Price: Free

Super Touchdown: Android Apps Written Review

Are you a lover of a football? Are you bummed that you can’t always have access to play the sport even in your free time? Then the Super Touchdown app from developer Apostek Software is just the perfect game app for you!


When you first load Super Touchdown, you will be led to the main menu where you can begin to play the game, engage in social networking connections, and adjust the game settings. You get to select the team you will play as such as “New England Pirates” versus “New York Knights”. Then you select the game mode such as “Strategy”, “Touchdown Frenzy”, “Challenge”, or “Training”. With the “strategy” game mode, you play for 4 quarters which last a minute each. With the “Touchdown Frenzy” you play by making the most touchdowns you can in sixty seconds. With the “Training” mode, you will learn how to pass, draw paths, and create formations before playing on the game app field.

To place a player on the field, you will tap on the area lighted in white as to where you want to place the player. To move a player, touch and swipe to draw the path for the player. Then tap on the “Run” icon to advance. You can double tap on another player to pass, and you can maneuver any of the players by redrawing and passing as you see fit. You can also spruce up your defense by intercepting passes or tackling the opposing players.

There were some issues with the game crashing multiple times, but after a few more tries, game play was a success.

Appearance and Layout

Super Touchdown Android App Review

The overall graphics of Super Touchdown is decent. Yes, the images can come off flat looking, but the game animation is good and actual game play is not affected by the graphic appearance. Layout is simple and easy to figure out, and game navigation is a breeze. It does help that minor introductions on game play are given, so those who are not too familiar with the sport should not have any problems.


For Super Touchdown being offered for free is not a bad deal. True, it may not be a game that everyone would be interested in, but for those who love football or even appreciate the sport would find this game entertaining. It is a great game that will keep you preoccupied in your downtime, or even serves as a nice refresher during the non-football seasons. Those looking for a fun, free game should give Super Touchdown a try. It might be very well worth your time!

Android Apps Review Details: Super Touchdown app is free. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.1 and up. You may download Super Touchdown from the Android Market.

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