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100 Rooms – Can You Escape?

100 Rooms – Can You Escape?

Price: Free
100 Rooms: Video Android App Review

Enter one of the longest puzzles of all time in 100 Rooms, the Android app from Gipnetix Games where you must uncover objects, combine them properly, and solve the riddle of each room to keep going. This title is a lot of fun, and a sure way to challenge your brain power.


100 Rooms Android Apps Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

As mentioned, 100 Rooms is an Android puzzle app where you must unlock each room’s riddles to advance to the next one. You’ll tap your way through all corners of the room, searching for hidden objects. Then it’s time to combine them, unlocking the clue to your escape.

100 Rooms plays quite well. The clues are unique and interesting, and each new escape gets a bit more difficulty, putting your brain muscles to work. And if you get stuck, there’s always a way out. By playing a matching game, you can earn coins, which go toward hints. Each room has a hint that you can buy with coins. I like that the app makes you work for hints, and that it doesn’t fleece you just for needing a bit of help now and again. Well played.

There’s also a help section that will help you get the hang of things, although it is quite brief. Playing this game was more fun than I even expected it to be. The level of sophistication and fun available in this app are sure to make it a fast favorite.

Layout & Design:

100 Rooms Android App Review

100 Rooms

Each room is a bit different in this app, so there is definitely some variety here. I was a bit less impressed with the 100 Rooms Android app’s responsiveness. Sometimes it simply wouldn’t let me zoom in where I wished to see, and occasionally the combination interface for objects seemed to be quite a struggle.

It was also frustrating that every time you press the home button, the app thinks you’re trying to navigate to Facebook. That sensitivity issue could be easily resolved by relocating the Facebook link.

Otherwise, the app is perfectly presentable. The advertisements are located in unobtrusive positions and hardly bothered me at all. As a user tip, remember not to use your Android’s dedicated back button, it will close the app! Press “Back” on the screen instead and you’ll get where you want to go.

Overall Value:

For a free app, 100 Rooms packs some serious value. The gaming aspect is fun, interesting, and ever-changing. As I mentioned previously, it’s easy to enjoy this game and even use some helpful hints without going entirely broke.

One thing I did miss was an option to turn off the app’s advertisements. Constant reminders to spend money, rate or upgrade are annoying, but giving it as an option in an appropriate menu of settings is another thing entirely.

I think you’ll really like this app. Give it a chance, you might be pleasantly surprised, much like I was.


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100 Rooms


Android App Review Details: 100 Rooms Android app is FREE. This app requires Android 2.2 and up. You may download 100 Rooms from Google Play. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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