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Sling Your Way for the Win with Holes & Balls Free

Sling Your Way for the Win with Holes & Balls

Price: Free

Holes & Balls: Android Apps Written Review

Looking for a simple, yet challenging game? Like the concept of slingshots or pinball? Then the Holes & Balls app from developer Audio Guidia is just the perfect game app for you!


When you first load Holes & Balls, you will be shown the main menu with various functions such as: “Play”, “Your Score”, “News and Tips”, “Our Apps”, “About”, and social networking connections. When you select the Play function, you will be asked to select various “Packs/Levels”. If it is your first time playing, game instructions will appear. First you will need to stretch the elastic to target, then release the elastic to shoot, and somehow put the ball in the hole. To fully complete each level, you will need to push the red button icon before the ball actually reaches the hole. That is deemed the real challenge, since you need to be quick about it. This can be tricky since there are obstacles such as match boxes that can get in the way. Luckily, you get to keep on retying your moves until you master the technique.

There was some occasional lag when selecting different features, and also with the ball animation. It would take some time for the ball to return to the starting point and it would just freeze at some points.

Appearance and Layout

Holes & Balls Android App Review

Overall, the graphics of Holes & Balls is decent. It is considered to be the fanciest in the graphics department, but it is still somewhat reasonable. The images are 2-dimensional, but the additional movements of the objects make up for the flatness. Color scheme is inviting and also makes up for the lack of fanciness.The layout is fine, but navigation could be a bit smoother. If it were not for the sporadic animation freezing, the app would have been more appealing to play.


For Holes & Balls being offered for free is great deal. However, even though the app does provide some basic instructions on how to play the game in the beginning, they are not that clear, and so after a few trial and error runs, you should be able to figure out the gist of the game. This game will probably appeal more to older users, but younger users just might find this app equally enjoyable if they have patience and eventually figure out how the game play goes. The lag and occasional freezing does put a damper on it, but if you can get past that, then this app is truly a simplistic, yet, challenging game in a fun way.

Android Apps Review Details: Holes & Balls app is free. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.2 and up. You may download Holes & Balls from the Android Market.

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