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Stay Up to Date with News Hero Free

Stay Up to Date with News Hero

Price: Free

News Hero: Written Android App Review

Looking for an app that not only updates you with the latest news domestically and around the world, but also provides you multiple feeds on topics such as fashion, food, science, tech, and even parenting? Then the News Hero app from developer Breezy Apps LLC is just the perfect app for you!


When you first load the News Hero app, you will be prompted with the main menu display that will offer you numerous topics and categories to browse and peruse at your desire. These topics/categories include: “Cars/Bikes”, “Fashion”, “Finance”, “Food/Wine”, “Gossip”, “Health”, “Home”, “Latest News”, “Movies/TV”, “Music”, “nature”, “Parenting”, “Politics”, “Regional”, “Science”, “Sports”, “Tech”, “Travel”, and “World”.  By simply tapping on any of these categories/topics, you will be introduced to various and multiple articles that are related to that specific subject. For example, selecting the “Food/Wine” category will allow you to view news feeds from popular food and wine related news sites and blogs, including cooking tips and restaurant reviews. If you select the “Finance” category, you will be able to sample updates from newsworthy sites such as Forbes, USA Today, and Financial Times (domestic and international). The neat thing is you can sort out your favorite “go to” sites, by tapping on the plus sign icon on the upper right hand corner and select your favorites for later easy access.

Appearance and Layout

News Hero Android App Review

The overall layout of News Hero is simple and easy to ready. With large enough icons, but not overbearing, any user should have no problem locating their desired subject rather quickly, especially since each category/topic is alphabetically ordered. The images used for each category/topic icon are considerably decent and appealing, and overall app navigation is smooth and simplistic. All you have to do is just find your desired topic, select, and select the news site that you want to view, or just simply go straight to your favorite sites that you have already preset.


Since News Hero is offered for free, you cannot really beat such a great deal. With popular and credible news sites all neatly categorized in one place at a few taps of your fingertips, what more could you need? It is an app that is simple and basic to use, and yet it is chock full of up to date news on numerous subjects, offers helpful information, and even provides life applicable tips. It is a great and handy app for users of all ages and audience, and since it is offered for free, there is absolutely nothing to lose out on.

Android Apps Review Details: News Hero app is free. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.2 and up. You may download News Hero from the Android Market.

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