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Draw Your Way to Success with Jellyflop Free

Draw Your Way to Success with Jellyflop

Price: Free

Jellyflop: Android Apps Written Review

Looking for a neat and cute game that is simplistic, and yet challenging in every way? Then the Jellyflop game app from developer Concrete Software, Inc.  is just the perfect app for you!


When you initially load the Jellyflop game app and are directed to the main menu, you will be prompted to select from the following options: play the actual game, view Jelly’s hat collections (which you collect rain drops in order to unlock more hats), adjust the background music and sound effect settings, disable the game vibration function, view your game achievements, and connect via social networking sites.

When you first begin to play the game, you will be shown a short intro of what the premise of the game is about. You will need to bounce Jelly to the feather by drawing lines.  The key is to figure out where to draw the line so Jelly will bounce just right, not too far, and not too short and make it to the feather without falling into the water below and getting eaten by the shark. It may seem rather simple, but judging the distance and angle, and factoring in the idea of Jelly bouncing can actual prove to be more challenging than you may think.

Appearance and Layout

Jellyflop Android App Review

The overall appearance of Jellyflop is basically very cute and adorable. Everything is kawaii from the subject itself (“Jelly”), to the background theme graphics, even down to the predator (shark). The game layout is simple, and app navigation is a breeze since icons are self-explanatory, and game instructions are provided on the first round of game play.

The background music and game sound effects are equally adorable and enhance the overall game play.


 Since Jellyflop is offered for free, it is certainly a game well worth it. It is most definitely a game that is both entertaining and challenging. It is suitable for users of all ages and audiences and will provide hours of countless fun. Kids will sure find the graphics and animation appealing, and older users will find the creativity and strategy aspect of the game fun and intriguing to play whether to pass boredom or during much needed breaks.

Android Apps Review Details: Jellyflop app is free. This app’s Android requirement requires 1.5 and up. You may download Jellyflop from the Android Market.

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