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Puss in Boots 3D Pop-up Book: Classic Fairytale Reading at Its Best $0.99

Puss in Boots 3D Pop-up Book: Classic Fairytale Reading at Its Best


Price: $0.99

Puss in Boots- 3D Pop-up Book: Written Android App Review


Searching for an e-book that you can read with your child that can look just like a pop up book and also have engaging interactive activities? Looking for a fun and unique take on a classic fairytale story? Then the Puss in Boots app from developer CluePoint Co., Ltd. is the perfect app for you!


Upon initially loading the Puss in Boots app, you will be requested to choose to have the book read to you and your child, or you can read the book app on your own.  When you choose to read book app own your own, you simply turn the virtual pages of the book by tapping on the right hand bottom corner arrow on the screen. To go back to the previous page you can tap on the bottom left hand corner arrow on the screen. On the upper left had corner of the screen there is a house icon which will take you back to the main page screen. The upper right hand corner has a musical note symbol which can be used to turn on and off the background music. There will be pages where there are text from the fairytale story line, and some pages where the virtual book will open up and become a 3D pop up book and have an interactive screen where you and your child will help Puss in Boots out by doing various activities such as hunting and finding food, and so on. Instructions on what to do will be read out loud to them by the app speaker.

However, if you choose to go with the “Read To Me” option, the premise of the app is the same just that the text of the story line is instead read aloud to you. You can also get a better sight of the pop up screen by shifting the device so that the screen will slightly move to the right and left, or up and down for an aerial view.

Appearance and Layout

Puss in Boots 3D Pop-up Book Android App Review

As a whole, all of the graphics, images, and animation of Puss in Boots are just above and beyond. Amazingly well done and very appealing to any reader, each page will keep you and your child hooked until the story is finished, and even then, your child will be sure to want to read it again. The app layout and navigation is simple and easy to get around. The background music is also very entertaining and pleasing to hear and adds to the overall enhancement of the story line.


 Puss in Boots is most definitely worth 99 cents and even more. Not only does it appeal to any reader in appearance and in sound, but the interactive activities and the pop up story animations are very fun and entertaining. It is an excellent app for children to practice reading on their own, and it is also a great tool for parents to help better their children’s reading and comprehension skills. This is a very highly recommended app that is totally worth having, so get it today!

Android Apps Review Details: Puss in Boots-3D  Pop-up Book app is free. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.2 and up. You may download Puss in Boots-3DPop-up Book from the Android Market.

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