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RoboFail: Good Robots vs. Bad Robots $1.99

RoboFail: Good Robots vs. Bad Robots

Price: $1.99

RoboFail: Written Android App Review

Are you a fan of robots and all things mech related? How about mixing the robot theme with a bit of a challenge? Then the RoboFail app from developer Code Noctis is the perfect app for you!


When you initially load RoboFail, you will be given three main menu options: play, adjust sound settings, and the basic rundown on the game. The basic premise of the game is you are taking on the role of a destruction expert called into handle a situation at a robot manufacturing plant. The main assembly line is experiencing a malfunction causing the plant to produce defective robots amidst  the normal ones. The malfunction is this: one of the conveyor belts is catering all of the robots. You will need to separate the defective robots from the non-defective robots on the conveyor belt and shoot them off into the recycling unit located below the conveyor belt. However, you need to aim your shot just right so you don’t harm the good robots since when neighboring robots get shot at, they can actually pull the good robots down with them.

So the main action gist is that you will need to allow green colored robots to pass and prevent red colored robots from getting through. You can tap the screen to shoot, and you can select your type of weapon to use from the opinions located on the bottom of your device screen. You can choose various weapons such as lasers, catapults, or exploding mines. On the left hand side of the screen you can also access setting features whether sound related, restarting the game, or returning back to the main menu.

Appearance and Layout

RoboFail Android App Review

Overall, the graphics of RoboFail are pretty decent. App navigation is smooth, and the layout is relatively simple to figure out. The animation is pretty spot on too, and in some ways even impressive, making the action and game play more enjoyable and appealing.

The background music and sound effects are right on target and enhance overall game play as well.


 For RoboFail to cost $1.99 might be considered a bit on the higher end for some users. However, for those who take an interest in robots and other “mechs”, the game may be very well worth it to them. It sure is a highly addictive game, and with the challenging angles and aims that this game requires, your $1.99 might be well spent considering the countless number of hours you will be pouring into this game. Yes, it can be that addictive!

Android Apps Review Details: RoboFail app is $1.99. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.2 and up. You may download RoboFail from the Android Market.

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