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Add a Fun Twist to Photos with Caricature Me – Photo Deformer

Add a Fun Twist to Photos with Caricature Me – Photo Deformer


Price: Free
Caricature Me – Photo Deformer: Written Android App Review

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Caricature Me – Photo Deformer, developed by STOIK, is an entertaining and funny twist on photo editing apps. Whether you want to take goofy pictures of your pets or overly exaggerate your friend’s big ears, you’ll find a way to turn your photos into comical works of art.

Concept and Functionality:

Of all the photo apps I test and review, the ones I like the most are those which are extremely simple to use. That’s not because I don’t enjoy photo editing (photography is one of my hobbies). Instead, simple apps mean you spend less time learning how to use them.

Caricature Me takes a simple photo editing concept and expands it into a truly functional and fun app. You can stretch and distort faces with a simple swipe of your finger. When you first open the app you’re taken to a main menu which shows all of your saved photos. From here you can import photos from your device, Facebook, or you can take photos within the app. After you’ve selected a photo, your taken to the main edit screen. This is where the fun begins.

All you have to do is place your finger anywhere on the photo and drag to stretch and distort that particular area of the picture. If you’re feeling super creative, you can choose from 7 different editing tools. Once your masterpieces complete, you can share it via Facebook and email. You can also animate your photo and save it in GIF format.

The only thing that really bugs me about Caricature Me is the overuse of advertisements. I’m fine with a simple bar ad at the top or bottom of a menu, but when an app installs icons to your home screen I start to get concerned. Not only that, but there are also advertisements placed in the notification bar. I honestly didn’t feel comfortable leaving this app installed on my Nexus 7 because I had no idea if it was collecting other information.

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon


One of the most touted features Caricature Me has to offer is automatic face detection and one tap caricature creation. This makes editing photos super fast and simple, especially if you’ve never done face distortion edits.

Along with a variety of photo editing tools, I really like how you’re able to animate and share the finished product with friends. The “Save” menu allows to save your project as a photo, animated GIF, full-size photo, or deformation. However, full-size picture rendering is only available in the Pro version of the app.


Even though Caricature Me – Photo Deformer is free, it’s possible that the oppressive use of ads could end up costing you in the long run. I’d feel a lot more comfortable using this app if the developer used ad placements more strategically. Many users have been able to look past this issue, though.

If you love the app but can’t stand the ads, you can upgrade to the Pro version for $4.99. I wouldn’t take that route, though, because the only feature you’ll be unlocking is the ability to save a full-size version of your photo (which should be a standard feature).

Android Apps Review Details: CaricatureMe is FREE and requires Android 2.2+. You can download it from Google Play.

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