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Conserve Time and Energy with Green Power Battery Saver Free

Conserve Time and Energy with Green Power Battery Saver

Price: Free

Green Power Battery Saver: Android Apps Written Review

Are you constantly charging your phone or device? Are apps and other functions constantly draining the battery life out of your phone or device? Then the Green Power Battery Saver app from developer Binary Mango AS is the perfect app for you!


The main purpose of Green Power Battery Saver is to save your device the energy and you the time. The great thing about this app that sets it apart from its competitors is that it does the work for you. Instead of having to manually check and monitor usage, this app does all that for you once you configure it. It has the capability to manage high energy consuming functions such as screen brightness, time of day, data service usage, and WiFi connectivity. For managing WiFi connectivity and your data service usage, this app bases it on schedule, screen state, and power and signal level. There is also a battery life status icon in the “Notification” area for your reference. This app instantly activates the functions when they are necessary and automatically turns them off when they are not being used. Do not worry about losing work or important information. This app self turns on and off with little to no disturbance during your usage when you configure it via the “checking traffic” settings.

You can also choose to upgrade to the premium version with purchase. The premium version includes the following features: bluetooth support, widget, “night” mode, “tasker and locale” plug-in, location based Wi-Fi connection, and no advertisements.

Green Power Battery Saver Android App Review

Appearance and Layout

The overall appearance of Green Power Battery Saver is relatively decent. Whether it is the font size and type, or background color scheme, everything is clear and obvious. Once in a while an ad will be visible, but not enough to be distracting or frustrating. Category and consumption usage are all nicely and neatly laid out for you. App navigation is simple as the app’s purpose itself.


Since Green Power Battery Saver is offered for free, it is one great deal. Not only does it help save you energy on your device, but it can save you time and worry from having to recharge your phone all the time, or running out of battery during important times. The fact that it does all the configuring for you is another huge plus. The idea of an app saving you the time and energy and doing the work for you at the same time is just phenomenal. So what are you waiting for? Save yourself the trouble and get Green Power Battery Saver today!

 Android App Review Details: Green Power Battery Saver app is free. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.1 and up. You may download Green Power Battery Saver from the Android Market.

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