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Emoze Secure Push Mail: Multiple Email Access All in One Free

Emoze Secure Push Mail: Multiple Email Access All in One

Price: Free

Emoze Secure Push Mail: Android Apps Written Review

Do you have a lot of email accounts and want to have them all conveniently located in one destination on one secure app? Want to be able to get a hold of all your contacts from all of your email accounts from one setting? Then the Emoze Secure Push Mail app from developer Emoze Secure Mail is the perfect app for you!


Do you have any of the following mail accounts? If you have more than one of the following (Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, AOL Mail, and other forms such as POP3/IMAP), then this app will make your life so much easier. Not only does this app conveniently combine all email related apps into one setting, but it also offers advanced security settings to make sure you feel safe. With this app all of your email accounts will be synchronized simultaneously along with each of the accounts’ contacts information, calendar features, ‎and even sub-folders. You can also configure security settings such as: additional remote protection, remote wipe settings (in case the phone or device is lost or stolen), anti-theft options, an alarm feature, a device locator, and storage card encryption (such as encrypting all attachments downloads to the SD card or phone/device).

Emoze Secure Push Mail Android App Review

The overall appearance of Emoze Secure Push Mail is relatively decent. With neat and simplistic images and still background designs, the app main purpose is magnified and brought to light without the need of fancy graphics or mind blowing animation. A monochromatic background setting makes the app’s feature easier to spot and decent sized font makes the app easier to maneuver around. App navigation is relatively easy, and the overall layout is easy to figure out for the user.


Since Emoze Secure Push Mail is offered for free, it is one heck of a deal. It is great app for personal and business related use, and anyone who has multiple email accounts will find this app very handy and useful. Users can instantly contact their professional and familial contacts automatically from one place. With everything so centralized, any user will find this app not only easy to use, but secure and super convenient. It is a universal app that users of any background can make great use of.

Android Apps Review Details: Emoze Secure Push Mail is free. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.2 and up. You may download Emoze Secure Push Mail from the Android Market.

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  1. I am not be able to download emoze app please send me link I am using oppo r827 model, please help me

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