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Ninja Painter Puzzle: Ninja Fun with a Twist Free

Ninja Painter Puzzle: Ninja Fun with a Twist

Price: Free

Ninja Painter Puzzle: Written Android App Review

Are you a fan of ninjas? Interested in a game involving ninjas, action painting, and puzzles? Then the Ninja Painter Puzzle app from developer Fizzics Games is the perfect app for you!


The Ninja Painter Puzzle app is a neat, fast paced game involving twists and turns, and, you guessed it, ninjas. Helping the ninja find its way through each puzzle maze is the goal, along with racking up points and scoring bonuses along the way. Each maze is designed differently, and each has its own color code trails that the ninjas need to make their through to complete. With 69 levels to achieve and 4 layouts to visit, each puzzle maze will have you navigating the ninjas and paint their way through. Some ways get bonuses, some just rack up points. It is up to you to figure out which way you take that can score you big time.

Please note that this is the free version of the app. If you want to play the game without any advertisements, you can download the paid version that is ad-free.

Ninja Painter Puzzle Android App Review

Appearance and Layout

The overall appearance of Ninja Painter Puzzle is relatively decent. Although, the game does not boost super fancy 3D graphics, with its colorful and simplistic images and bright background designs, the game play is still enhanced and engaging. Since this is the free version, there are a few random ad placements that appear here and there, but it does not happen as often that it will become overboard frustrating. App navigation is relatively easy, and the overall layout is easy to figure out for the user. Game animation is smooth and spot on with the play action and point earnings.


Since this is the free version of the game app, there is really nothing you can go wrong here with this app. It is a fun and entertaining game for users of all ages and background, and it is definitely a game that will keep you hooked for hours. Although the premise of the game appears simplistic, the game play itself gets even more challenging with each new level, and users will be drawn to the action and bonuses they can achieve. If the ads do not really bother you, then this version of the app will suit you just fine. If not, you can purchase the advertisement free version from the Android Market as well.

Android Apps Review Details: Ninja Painter Puzzle is free. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.2 and up. You may download Ninja Painter Puzzle from the Android Market.

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