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Angry Heroes Online: a Hilarious MMORPG

Angry Heroes Online: a Hilarious MMORPG

Price: Free
Angry Heroes Online: Written and Video Android Game App Review

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

When we think of a MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game), the image of a huge desktop or laptop screen comes to mind. Usually these games require superior graphics and the complexity of a keyboard for you to get the most out of them. However, mobile technology is evolving and it’s now possible to play these in-depth fantasy games on the go.

Angry Heroes Online, developed by Artibus, is a relatively new and fun fantasy RPG game. Already loved by thousands, this game has received over 900 positive reviews and currently has a rating of 4 1/2 stars in the Google Play store.

Concept and Gameplay: [Rating: 4.5/5]

As someone who grew up playing EverQuest, Guild Wars, and The Elder Scrolls collection of RPG games, my expectations are always high when it comes to trying a new game. Though it’s fun to play serious games with dramatic storylines and extensive quests, it’s refreshing when a game has a heavy dose of humor.

The first thing I noticed about Angry Heroes Online was the design of the characters. They look like they came straight from a comic book, which is a nice change of pace for those of us who are used to seeing frighteningly realistic humans, orcs, or elves.

When you start the game for the first time, you’re asked to install an additional 48 MB of game data. Once that’s finished, you’ll need to create an account so you can save your character and progress. After you’ve completed the setup process, the fun begins. You have the option to watch a short introduction to the game which gives you an idea of the story’s background. After that, you’re taken to the character creation screen.

Features: [Rating: 4.5/5]

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

You can’t have a fun RPG game without the ability to fight other players. In my opinion, PVP (player versus player) gameplay is an essential part of a successful game because it allows you to test your character and skills. Angry Heroes Online not only allows you to challenge other players in the game, but a unique balance system will match you with players who have roughly the same amount of experience as you.

Another feature of a successful RPG game is the ability to create groups of people for cooperative quests. This allows you to fight together with other players to take down the toughest of bosses without worrying about someone else stealing your loot, coin, or experience. Not only can you fight in groups against bosses, but against other players as well.

If it’s quests you’re seeking, you’ll find plenty in Angry Heroes Online. There are hundreds of different quests, as well as over 300 unique items which can be combined in millions of different ways.

Value: [Rating: 4.5/5]

Unlike popular desktop fantasy RPG games and even Android games (such as Order & Chaos Online), Angry Heroes Online is free to download and doesn’t require you to pay monthly subscription fees. This is perfect for RPG fans who are just looking for a fun and free game to play. I know I can’t stop playing it, and I’m sure you won’t either!

Android Apps Review Details: Angry Heroes Online is FREE and requires Android 2.1+. You can download it from Google Play.

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  1. This game is very good, I loved it.

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