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Toronto in Time: Blast from the Past Free

Toronto in Time: Blast from the Past

Price: Free

Toronto in Time: Written Android App Review

Always wanted to know the history and significance behind a specific place or monument? Ever wanted to travel to the Toronto vicinity? Then the Toronto in Time app from developer The Historic-Dominion Institute is just the app for you!


The neat and unique aspect of the Toronto in Time app, is that if you are actually in the Toronto vicinity, the app instantly lets you in on details and information about a specific place you looking at right in front of you or heading toward. Simply pinpoint your current location within the city and you can find information about places all around you and filter the information by general area or theme. Each informational presented to you offers photo galleries of images from the present day in comparison to historical shots of the place from the past.

The app has over 150 informational pieces about various places in Toronto, and each place offers tidbits and details that most people would not have known about the city of Toronto. Whether it has to do with famous musicians. notorious celebrities, and/or historical events, Toronto has it all, and so does this app.

Toronto in Time Android App Review

The overall appearance of Toronto in Time is relatively decent. With neat and simplistic images and still background designs, the app main purpose is magnified and brought to light without the need of fancy graphics since the primary purpose is to give the user a better idea and picture in a sense of Toronto. A monochromatic background setting makes the app’s features easier to peruse through and decent sized font makes the app easier to maneuver around. App navigation is relatively easy, and the overall layout is easy for the user to figure out in no time.


Since Toronto in Time is offered for free, you can’t really go wrong here. True, it is an app that would appeal to a distinct group of users, but even for those who are just plain curious or have an interest in travel or history just might find this app as equally appealing. The app doesn’t cost you anything, so it wouldn’t hurt just to take a peek and try it out. If you have never been to Toronto, this app just might do the trick of getting you there.

 Android Apps Review Details: Toronto in Time is free. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.1 and up. You may download Toronto in Time from the Android Market.

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