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Wars Online-Defend your Kingdom Bring Top Strategy Gaming to Android Free

Wars Online-Defend your Kingdom Bring Top Strategy Gaming to Android

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Wars Online-Defend Your Kingdom: Written and Video Android App Review

Wars Online-Defend Your Kingdom by developer Mobelabb, is a new, cross-genre game app for the iOS. It’s currently available for free through iTunes. Set in a medieval fantasy world, with game play featuring an interesting mix of physics-based projectile launching, tower defense and role playing game tactics, can it take over the Android charts? Let’s find out!


Wars Online-Defend Your Kingdom

Wars Online is a very unique genre-blending game for Android. Just updated in October, Wars Online takes the best of many different popular games and combines them in one fun tactics romp. Think: Angry Birds + Tower Defense + RPG + Real Time Strategy. Basically, gamers must defend their castle, on a 2D, side scrolling map, from the enemy troops approaching from the other side’s castle. Like in many RTS and tower defense games, the player must use the in-game money they earn to carefully purchase troops and weapons. On top of that are cleverly-mounted cannons at each castle. Gamers can launch projectiles from these, Angry Birds-style, at enemy troops. There are 30 unique single player battles to take part in with a huge array of different troop and weapon types to use. Users can use the money they earn in battles to upgrade and advance their armies, RPG-style, between battles. I really liked the variety of game play and tactical scenarios available in Wars Online. Once gamers get done with the single player, there is a healthy online, multiplayer battle scene to jump into! This is where the some of the most intense matches take place. I was impressed with the fairly large online community involved in this game and found plenty of battles to take part in online through the built-in game finder service. There are in-app purchases, although gamers shouldn’t feel too pressured to buy them to do well, if they take the time to focus on the game. Overall, Wars Online rocks a unique and fun style of game play with a solid set of online options for further multiplayer battles.

Graphics and Layout

Wars Online offers sharp, cartoon-style medieval fantasy graphics. These are set amongst a slick layout, allowing for easy game play and adjusting of options, even when battles get frantic. The music is neat, although occasionally a little repetitive. The battle effects are great and really help drawn the gamer into the battle. Finally, the game features a great Tutorial to help introduce new gamers to Wars Online with ease, a much appreciated feature!

For a free app, Wars Online offers a lot! I didn’t feel forced to buy IAP items, although these are available should you want them. The impressive single player experience is great fun, and can be pretty fast-paced and frantic at times, requiring awesome micro skills. Graphics are great and the game play totally unique. I highly suggest every hardcore Android gamer check out Wars Online today!

Wars Online-Defend Your Kingdom is available for Android devices running Android 2.2 and later. It is available through the Google Play store for free.

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