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Always Be on Time with World Traveler’s Clock Free

Always Be on Time with World Traveler’s Clock

Price: Free

World Traveler’s Clock: Android Apps Written Review

Do you travel frequently internationally? Do you have friends and family located all over the world and like to keep in touch with them at the right time of the day? Then the World Traveler’s Clock app from developer Mobile Embedded Technology CO., LTD is just the app for you!


The World Traveler’s Clock app does just what its title says. It provides times of numerous locations all over the world instantly and conveniently. Whether you are trying to figure out what time it is back home, or of all the times of the places that you will be visiting, this app will be able to tell you that. Just simply select your choice of destination and the location will be automatically added to your clock display queue for current and future viewing reference. That way you can easily switch back and forth between different cities that you either will frequent in your travels or where you have friends and family located. The great thing about this app is that it does not require your device network in order to function, so you can even access it on airplane flights.

World Traveler's Clock Android App Review

Appearance and Layout

With a simplistic display, the World Traveler’s Clock app makes it easy for users to view their desired location’s time and zone. The app’s monochromatic backdrop magnifies the key features of the app and enhances the information being shown. The app does not need to rely on any fancy graphics or animation since its main purpose is to show the time of multiple locations, and that is all. App navigation is smooth, and the going through each feature and finding your way through the app’s layout is a cinch.


Since the World Traveler’s Clock app is offered for free, it is a superb deal. It is a highly beneficial app that does not only need to be sued by those who travel often or who have friends and relatives overseas, but can be used by those in the business world that deal with international customers and suppliers. It also can be a fun app for those who, like to have a better idea of various time differences in places all over the world or even know about time zone trivia. Whatever use this app is put to, it is definitely one worth getting, especially since it won’t cost you a penny and is beneficial at the same time.

Android Apps Review Details: World Traveler’s Clock is free. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.1 and up. You may download World Traveler’s Clock from the Android Market.

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