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Dolphin Browser: the Best Keeps Getting Better

Dolphin Browser: the Best Keeps Getting Better

Price: Free
Dolphin Browser: Written Android App Review

In a digital world filled with infinite choices, the last one you should lose sleep over is your browser. Over the years I’ve found that most techies either fall head over heels for their browser of speak of it with utter disgust and disdain.

Dolphin Browser, developed by Dolphin, is nothing short of a major breakthrough in the way you surf the web. It has easily established a reputation not only as one of the best browsers available for your Android device, but as one of the top Android apps in the Google Play store.

Concept and Functionality:

When you first look at Dolphin Browser, it seems like many other browsers we’ve tested and used. I believe Dolphin is the first I’ve seen which shows you a quick and simple overview of all the features it has when you open it for the first time. I’m not referring to a long and drawn out tutorial, but just simple examples of its capabilities.

Yes, Dolphin Browser resembles the sleek and refined design of Google Chrome. However, that’s only the surface. It doesn’t take very long to find your way around the app, which is great because it shows that Dolphin is user friendly.

Remember a time when tabbed browsing was a new thing? Or when extensions became available for certain browsers and we could truly make a browser “ours”? All of that stuff is old news now, so how did an app like Dolphin Browser manage to drown the competition? By the use of gestures, add-ons, and cloud syncing. It only makes sense to interact with a touch-based device is much as you can.

Opening a new tab displays your favorite websites so you can quickly check them without navigating menus or typing the address into the search bar. You can also use Sonar to search the web with your voice and control Dolphin. There’s even an option to activate Sonar by shaking your device.


One of the nicest aspects of Dolphin Browser is that there’s no shortage of unique and helpful features. Add-ons and extensive settings menus allow you to make Dolphin your own.

Swiping your finger to the right will reveal your bookmarks, while swiping your finger to the left will reveal your add-ons. Once again, Dolphin shines with simplicity by allowing you to easily access basic features.  Do you use multiple devices and you’re worried about keeping track of everything? Dolphin Browser features its own sync capabilities, so you’ll never be without your “stuff”.

Though gestures are unique and fun to use, I found that it actually slows you down because it adds an extra step for certain functions. Yes, drawing a heart can quickly take you to your favorite dating site, but it’s tedious to use gestures to scroll to the top of a page when you can simply do it normally. I could see the usefulness if there was a way for gestures to be built into the page, but having to go to a separate window just to draw a backward arrow takes more time than pressing the button on the browser.


I’m proud to say that Dolphin Browser has become my new favorite app on my Nexus 7. Browsing the web is fast and simple, and I see nothing but great things coming from the developer. I can’t recommend it enough, so swim over to the Google Play store and prepare to flip your browsing experience upside down.

Android Apps Review Details: Dolphin Browseris FREE and requires Android 2.0.1+. You can download it from Google Play.

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  1. this id something good information because i never heard about dolphin browser for android apps, i think this is one of the best browser for mobile apps.

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