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Top Trivia with What? Where? When? Quiz Free

Top Trivia with What? Where? When? Quiz

Price: Free

What? Where? When? Quiz: Written Android App Review

Do you love trivia? Looking for an app that can help you pass the time when you are bored? Then the What? Where? When? Quiz app from developer Alexey Khripkov is just the app for you!


Just by looking at the name of the What? Where? When? Quiz app, anyone can guess that this is a trivia type app, and they would be correct. With numerous questions covering various subjects and numerous topics, users can answer trivia questions to their heart’s delight. Stuck on a particular one? You can request a hint, but keep in mind the more hints you get, the more your overall points get reduced.  The key goal, like most other trivia game apps is to answer the questions correctly and rack up the most points. The app’s functions are as simplistic as its purpose. Once you load the app, you will be prompted to either begin playing the actual trivia game, alter the settings, or exit the game.

What? Where? When? Quiz Android App Review

Appearance and Layout

The overall appearance of What? Where? When? Quiz is a little more on the simplistic side. There isn’t much variation to the background images or app graphics, so some might find it a bit plain. Each question still frame has the same backdrop, with the exception of the main menu being of a different image. Although the app’s graphics are on the basic end, it does help that the user can easily track their score total and on the right hand side while the trivia game play is in actual progress. Font size is decent, and question readability is good enough to not be distracting. App navigation is smooth and  easy to maneuver, since there are not many functions to go through or remember.


The What? Where? When? Quiz game app is offered for free. Despite the simplistic graphics and minimal animation, it is still a very fun and entertaining game app to play and the questions rarely get old. Even for true trivia buffs, this app can sure prove to be a challenge. Even for those who do not consider themselves well knowledgeable in the trivia department, by going through the questions in this app, they can even learn new information and things that they may have never heard of. It is a great app for users of all ages and backgrounds, and an app that people can enjoy with family and friends.

 Android Apps Review Details: What? Where? When? Quiz is free. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.1 and up. You may download What? Where? When? Quiz from the Android Market.

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