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Be the Master in the Food Cart Business with Streetfood Tycoon Free

Be the Master in the Food Cart Business with Streetfood Tycoon

Price: Free

Streetfood Tycoon: Written Android App Review

Are you the adventurous type and like to try street food? Like the idea of owning your own street food cart and being the best out there? Then the Streetfood Tycoon app from developer Kuyi Mobile is just the app for you!


When you first load Streetfood Tycoon, you will be prompted to select where you want withdraw your initial finds from, either by choosing one of the following options: break piggy bank, borrow from folks, pawn toy collection, or get a loan from a cooperative. Each option has their pros and cons, so be sure to select one that you will think will get you going ahead in the long run.

The game app main menu provides details of your street food cart business. Touch a specific item to view more information and select the “Buy” icon to purchase the item. Some items might require an additional item, but for the most part, additional items are optional. You will start off by purchasing your cart, paying for permits and rental fees, and obtaining starter ingredients. Once you start your food cart business, the cart screen will display how much cash you have on hand, the time of the day, food trashing option, and cart cleaning option. When a customer arrives, make sure to pay attention to their order and prepare their food by tapping on the ingredients. Once finished preparing you will drag the food over to the customer and hopefully you were successful in meeting their demands.

Streetfood Tycoon Android App Review

The overall appearance of Streetfood Tycoon is relatively decent. Graphics are appropriate with the theme and are even a bit on the amusing side. With a bright color scheme and smooth animation, food serving and customer interaction is enjoyable to watch while taking place. Since a simple optional information guide is provided at the initial loading the app, you will be able to figure out the gist of the app and how certain functions work, making app navigation easier and the general layout more readable.


Since Streetfood Tycoon is offered for free, you will not only enjoy a game with an interesting concept, but at no monetary loss for you. It is quite a unique take on a modern day icon. With a basic tutorial and engaging graphics, this game app would appeal to kids and adults alike. Even if you don’t consider yourself a street food aficionado, you will sure find this game entertaining and even addicting!

Android Apps Review Details: Streetfood Tycoon is free. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.2 and up. You may download Streetfood Tycoon from the Android Market.

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