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LyTrans Lyrics Translator: The Quick (& Musical) Way to Learn a Language

LyTrans Lyrics Translator: The Quick (& Musical) Way to Learn a Language


Price: Free
LyTrans Lyrics Translator: Written Android App Review

We here at Android Apps Review are all about the second language learning. We’re fluent speakers of French, which means we have an innate need to force a new tongue on all our friends and family. As such, we’re more than happy to introduce you today to LyTrans Lyrics Translator by developer Paolo Vinci. The app is a brilliant and unique way to learn a language using nothing but your Android phone or tablet, your musical stash, and your will to comprehend. Sound like something worth looking into? Then check below beyond the break for our full breakdown!

Concept and Functionality

LyTrans Free for Android

LyTrans Lyrics Translator for Android

As stated, the idea behind LyTrans Lyrics Translator is actually rather unique: The app allows you to learn another language using your own music, directly from off your phone. How does this work? First, you’ll need to select a song in-app. Then, LyTrans Lyrics Translator will search the Web for lyrics pertaining to the song. It will show you what it finds, and if it all looks good, you merely accept the results. If the lyrics are not correct, you can cycle through the other options available until the proper response has been found.

Then, just listen to the music! The lyrics are there for you to view, and if you need a definition, just click on a word. The in-app dictionary will define it for you. If you need a translation, you can do the same with the translation button. In this way, you can rapidly attempt to figure out a word on your own in the new language, or “cheat” and find a speedy answer when you need it. It’s suave, it’s efficient, and with a melody in the background, it’s an incredible new way to learn a foreign language from your phone.

Design and Graphics

Is LyTrans Lyrics Translator the best looking application we’ve ever seen on the Android platform? Well . . . no, it really isn’t. The black on blue color scheme isn’t much to our Web 2.0 sense of aesthetics, but then again, we can hardly knock the end results. The app works well, and we had zero problems navigating its menus. As such, our complaints remain purely subjective. And we’re always hopeful that future updates will iron out some of these problems, giving LyTrans Lyrics Translator a much-needed face lift.

Overall Value

We can hardly knock the value you’ll be getting here, though: LyTrans Lyrics Translator is absolutely free in the Google PlayStore, which makes it a great purchase for any student of a foreign language. The features it offers are simplistic and yet powerful—just as we like them. So if you’re out there conjugating verbs and memorizing vocabulary, we strongly recommend you download some tracks next and give LyTrans Lyrics Translator a much-needed whirl.

LyTransAndroid Apps Review Details: LyTrans Lyrics Translator is FREE. This app requires Android 2.2+ and up. You may download LyTrans Lyrics Translator from the Android Market. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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