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Drawing Gets Social with Paintrala

Drawing Gets Social with Paintrala

Price: Free
Paintrala: Written Android App Review

Whether you’re a studied artist looking for a way to get social or a would-be drawer with a thing for scene effects, the new Paintrala Android app from AltamiraSoft is just what the doctor ordered. Think of it like Instagram, only with a cool added drawing ability that you won’t want to put down.


Paintrala Android Apps Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

The Paintrala Android app does double duty. It is a fully functional social app, complete with a complex system of commenting, likes and followers and more. There’s even a section of the app that describes the current Paintrala contest. Right now it’s portraits, and I must say the caliber of work coming through the app is nothing short of astounding.

You see, not only is Paintrala an app that lets you get social with your images and art, it’s also a drawing, photo editing, tracing and photo effect app, all wrapped up in one. The app lets you draw lines, zoom in, use layers, erase, undo, redo and generally turns your Android into a smart art machine. It’s really quite cool.

I was also impressed by how active this app’s community is. There’s something new to see every day. Part of what inevitably makes apps like this shine or flop is their ability to sustain an active, interested user base, and Paintrala has just that.

By way of a warning, the Paintrala Android app only appears to work on the latest Samsung Android devices, preferably ones with the latest OS versions and updates. It will install on other devices, but the drawing interface won’t even appear, which is a bit frustrating.

Layout & Design:

Paintrala Android App Review


Paintrala organizes actions into a simple bottom tab design From there it’s really quite simple to access your activity wall (this is where the artist you follow will appear!), check out the gallery for what’s hot and today’s choices, directly access the option to go to your gallery or start a new image, check out the latest contest details, and peep your own profile.

The app itself is quite elegantly designed in beiges and whites. The art is the star in Paintrala, and that’s the way we like it.

Overall Value:

As with so many good things, the Paintrala Android app is entirely free to download and enjoy. So what are you waiting for? I think this app is aiming to take a chunk out of the Instagram market share, and has the chops to do it, especially among those of us who love to sketch, draw and create. If you’re looking for more, look no further.

That is, if you have a newer Samsung device.

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Android Apps Review Details: Paintrala is FREE. This app requires Android 2.2+ and up. You may download Paintrala from the Android Market. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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