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Bake Holiday Themed Cookies That Will Never Go Bad with A Christmas Cookie Maker $0.99

Bake Holiday Themed Cookies That Will Never Go Bad with A Christmas Cookie Maker

Price: $0.99

A Christmas Cookie Maker: Android Apps Written Review

Love to bake cookies in real life? How about the idea of baking and designing your own holiday and winter themed cookies with all sorts of decorations? Then the A Christmas Cookie Maker app from developer Detention Apps is just the app for you!


Start your Christmas cookie designing with A Christmas Cookie Maker by setting up a warm and holiday theme background. Choose from a cozy fireplace, a Christmas themed kitchen, the North Pole, snowcapped mountains, or wintery village. Next select the shape of cookies that you want such as a snowman, a star, a stocking, or a Christmas tree. Then select the type of frosting that you like on top of the cookies such as silver or golden bell, or even different color variations of gumdrops, gingerbread men, reindeer, and even Santa himself. Add some festive decorations to your cookies such as holly, traditional and snow flocked Christmas trees, international flags, sunglasses, wreathes, earmuffs, winter accessories, facial features, and multicolored buttons. Garnish your cookies with Christmas and winter themed candies. Want to show your cookie creation off to friends and family? You can also email your work or take a picture of your creation and save it for later reference. A delete option along with a return to the home page/main menu screen option is also available for quick convenience.

A Christmas Cookie Maker Android App Review

Overall, the appearance of A Christmas Cookie Maker is relatively decent. The winter and Christmas themes are bright, cheery, and engaging. Since this app has a basic concept, most users would be considerably younger, and the need for mind blowing graphics and animation is not really that necessary. However, during the review of the app, occasional lag was noticeable, and item touch sensitivity and scrolling didn’t appear as smooth which might be considered frustrating to some users. App layout and navigation is simple and easy to figure out though, and users of any age should not have any problems figuring out their way around the app.


Since A Christmas Cookie Maker costs 99 cents, it can be considered an average deal. Deepening on what time of the year it is, some people might not be as interested in purchasing this app because of the theme. Yet, kids and adults alike might find this app entertaining even during the non-winter season, since it is a fun app to play around with during one’s free time.

Android Apps Review Details: A Christmas Cookie Maker is $0.99. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.2 and up. You may download A Christmas Cookie Maker from the Android Market.

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