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Caveman Rollercoaster Fun with Prehistoric Park Free

Caveman Rollercoaster Fun with Prehistoric Park

Price: Free
Prehistoric Park: Written & Video Android App Review

Cave men (and women) running around a theme park that you built? Yep, that’s right! Prehistoric Park, from developer Gear Games, is here. It’s a brand-new release for Android is available for free download through Google Play.


Gamers familiar with ‘farm’ or ‘story’ style apps, in which you must build an empire in various themed settings (Farmville, Pet Shop Story, etc) will feel right at home with Prehistoric Park. For those not used to this genre, let me quickly explain. You’ll be given a limited amount of coins to spend on building various attractions to bring in more income from visiting computer-controlled characters. Continue upgrading your buildings to keep advancing through the game, adding on and expanding to make your house, restaurant, farm, etc the best one online. In the case of Prehistoric Park, you are tasked with building the best amusement park possible in a caveman-style setting. You’ll basically be helping turn the mundane daily existence of cave people into a blast with over 60 different amusement park attractions. These include stone slides, water rapids, dinomotors, epic rollercoasters and more! You can also feed your visitors, help them rest and relax with various buildings and benches, hire workers add all sorts of unique decorations to set your park apart. There’s also a social aspect of Prehistoric Park, as it allows you to view other users parks and compare achievements earned throughout as a little friendly competition. Keep an eye on the roaming tourists (cavemen and cave women) as they’ll interact with the rides and even get in brawls with each other on occasion! There’s over 200 total things to add (rides, attractions, stands and more), with a big emphasis placed on city-building style of game play, much more simulator in style than casual builder app. The game play feels considerably more engaging and interesting than many of the “lite” builder apps previously mentioned and the amusement park setting certainly adds to this fun factor!

Prehistoric Park Android Apps Review

Graphical Layout
Wow! Colors, colors, and colors! Prehistoric Park’s graphics immediately impressed me with the rich selection of vibrant colors all over the screen, giving life to a world full of ancient flora and fauna, with rollercoasters! The isometic viewpoint is perfect for this game and really helps the builder (you) design the perfect theme park. The graphics are sharp and look great, both on cell phone Android devices and tablets. The high quality pixel art really is impressive, and Gear Games should be commended for the attention to detail they showed in Prehistoric Park. The entire game world feels lush and truly “prehistoric”, with a nice amusement park theme. Also, watching the cave men and women race around your theme park, having a blast, is quite rewarding.

It’s hard to complain about a free app, as Prehistoric Park is, although it does have in-app purchases as an option. With fantastic graphics, a unique theme, loads of building options, and low system requirements, Prehistoric Park is definitely an impressive app. It’s received rave review from users on Google Play and for good reason: Prehistoric Park is truly a fun builder app for Android and certainly one any fan of this genre or interested should check out!

Android Apps Review details: Prehistoric Park app is free This app requires Android version 1.6 and up. You may download Andmade Share Pro from the Google Play Store.

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