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Dance Your Way to Love with Birds of Paradise $3.09

Dance Your Way to Love with Birds of Paradise

Price: $3.09

Birds of Paradise: Android Apps Written Review

Love the concept of rhythm and dance? How about pairing those two with comical exotic birds in a dance-off? Then the Birds of Paradise app from developer Borderlake is just the app for you!


The Birds of Paradise app is definitely a fun one. The basic premise of the game’s story line is that you are helping the main character (in this case, a dancing bird) dance his way off to win the love of his life. Your goal is to help obtain his love by helping him beat other dancing opponents. You do this by matching the rhythm and moves of his opponent by monitoring the lit up icons that appear on each side of your screen. You will need to be careful and make sure to keep in line with the rhythm and steps of the opponent or the love journey might be in vain. Try not to be too distracted by the other dancing subjects or they might throw your game off, literally.

Birds of Paradise Android App Review

The overall appearance of Birds of Paradise is pretty well done.  Not only will the amazing graphics appeal to younger users, but adult users alike. With three dimensional images, the extra visual depth of the game characters enhances their action and dance movement as well. App animation is very smooth, and character dance movements combined with the game’s rhythm is spot on. Even the background settings for the game are engaging and add to the overall play. The general layout of the app is easy to go about, and users should have no problem figuring out the general idea and action function of the game.


Since Birds of Paradise is not offered for free, some users might be deterred from the higher price range compared to other games. However, the unique game play and theme concept does make it stand out from the rest of the popular games available in the market today.  It is a fun and appealing game for both kids and grownups, and will definitely be one that will provide countless hours of amusement. Dance and music are universally popular themes, and pair them along with exotic cartoon birds and a bit of competition and you got yourself one sure entertaining game!

Android Apps Review Details: Birds of Paradise is $3.09. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.3 and up. You may download Birds of Paradise from the Android Market.



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